Education- Enhanced support rejected

My daughter is 11 and will be going to high school after summer. I had applied for an enhanced support place but it has been rejected. No specific reasons given other than ‘she doesn’t need enhanced support and can transition to mainstream high school with enhanced planning’.
I cannot tell you what a blow this is. The evidence we submitted clearly highlighted that she will not cope in mainstream, her primary school agree. Yet, this decision has been taken by a panel who have never met her.
I am going to appeal and won’t give up until she has the support she needs. I was a secondary teacher myself for over a decade so I know what mainstream settings are like.
I am at the stage where I don’t think I can continue to work, I have already cut my hours. I am a single parent so financially it’s tricky and I also don’t want to just give up on my career.
Has anyone else been through the appeal process? I am really looking for tips and guidance but also some hope and encouragement from anyone who has been successful.

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Hi @Deedeecares and welcome. My experience goes back so many years it would be useless: my son is nearly 39! But…I always found IPSEA very useful, and if you’re lucky enough to have a good SENDIASS team in your area, you should be able to source some help.

IPSEA have a helpline and other services, and you can find them at: (IPSEA) Independent Provider of Special Education Advice If you do a search for SENDIASS and your local authority area, you should find your local service ok.

This is a really stressful time for both of you, and while you’re right to appeal their decision, ask them for details of why she doesn’t need enhanced support and what they mean specifically for your daughter in terms of enhanced planning. Because they can’t just wave a magic wand: the plan has to be concrete, detailed and already in place if it is to be effective.

Hi @Deedeecares
I can also vouch for help and support from SENDIASS and IPSEA, having used both regarding secondary transfer and arguing against an unsuitable secondary placement. S is 32, so this was awhile ago too. However, I have recommended both to other parents more recently and they have both been very helpful.

IPSEA were life savers for us too. Ring them asap. Absolutely brilliant!

I should have said I am in Scotland.

Hi @Deedeecares - thanks for that. Obviously IPSEA won’t be much help then,but it may be worth trying here: LEAD Scotland - Linking Education and Disability » National Disabled Students’ Helpline and Information Service | LEAD Scotland – Linking Education and Disability

The helpline is for students and for parents/carers. I’ve no experience of their services, of course, but if nothing else they should be able to point you in the right direction.