Caring for a bit 11 years old with FAS

The challenges of school and learning is difficult. He is finding being in school hard. Most time at home or in nurture. Any tips on helping him with his challenges

Hi Susan,
does he have an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan?) If so, are the school following it? Some areas have an Autism Team that support children in mainstream and their teachers and support staff too, worth checking if there is one in your area that you can ask for him to be referred too. AET have some guidance on how parents and schools can work together to help the child/young person. I’ll add a link later, I need to serve dinner or my YP wont be coping …


Hi Susan,

Are you in the UK? If so your son has a RIGHT to suitable education until he’s 25, yes, 25!

If he isn’t going to school because it’s too difficult for him to cope with, then it’s the WRONG SCHOOL.

My son was hyperactive, brain damaged at birth, I had a long battle with Education. Only you can decide if he would be better in mainstream education, with more support, or in a special school with fewer pupils. A little fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond is the easiest way to put it.