Monthly earnings limit? £520.40 or £520.04?

Hi I just want to confirm what the monthly earnings limit is if you’re paid monthly?

Is it £520.04 or £520.40?

I called CA but forgot if he said £520.04 or £520.40

Thank you

£ 120 per week … times 52 … divide by 12 … £ 520.00 per month.

Rises to £ 123 per week in April … £533.00 per month.

Even on the minimum wage , adjustment to hours worked and /or marshalling will be needed.£%20120

Same options as outlined in your previous threads :

I understand this calculation but the carers phone line said £520.04 or £520.40 I’m unsure which one it is?

I can only refer you to my previous posting.

I understand that but, person on the phone I last called said that the monthly payment max earning is £520.04 or £520.40, I just want to confirm if you know which one it is?

If you’re worrying about 36 PENCE I assume you have a load of other investments?

I do apologise, after a phone call from DWP, I acknowledge its the DWP that are pedantic and every penny matters.

Stephen, that extra 36 might mean someone misses out completely on Carers Allowance. It’s so unjust. I cannot see there is any justice in the system. After all, you have to care for a least 35 hours a week to qualify for CA. I call that work, but the government doesn’t. So if you get a SECOND job, you can have your CA completely taken away from you.
There is not other “job” where if you get a second job you have the income from your first job taken away. Just because the govt. doesn’t call what we do “work”!


I am worrying about the exact figure because you get disallowed for going over a penny and I don’t want to break any rules.

I don’t like to complain, but I like sticking to the rules.

In which case , a choice of 3 figures … differing by pence.

£ 520 … no pence … per month … the lowest … also factual.

Check with the DWP if in doubt.

Even switch a couple of quid extra per month over to that pension to create a slight margin ?

Which one would you choose … until April ?

2 out of the 3 and … the cliff edge beckons !