Respite from Caring

I have the opportunity of going away for a week to a caravan for a break from caring for mum who has mixed dementia that i find challenging. I have depression issues so a break is extremely important but the only way to get the peace is to go away. I’m currently going into tier 3 so is there any exception for me to have this much needed break, i need to use the leave from my full time job so if i can’t go i’m going to be stuck at home and at breaking point. The opportunity to get away is very rare so i need to take every chance i get

Is caring for mum getting all too much?
When did you last have a Carers Assessment, and mum, a Needs Assessment?
Keep a diary of what mum is, or is not doing, to use as evidence.

Is there actual holiday accommodation open.

What tier are you currently living in now.

Hi Ian,

Its my understanding that after lockdown, people are able to holiday - depending on the tier they are in.

Tier 3

avoid travelling to other parts of the UK, including for overnight stays other than where necessary, such as for work, education, youth services, to receive medical treatment, or because of caring responsibilities. You can travel through other areas as part of a longer journey

This could be interpreted that you could stay in a caravan in your own local tier 3 area. However, that is just my view.


Thanks every one

Mums needs have recently been reassessed and I am getting some more help with extending her care package and getting her more days at the day centre unfortunately that is whilst I am at work but at least she’s not at home. My carers assessment is long long over due but have been promised that it will take place in January.

I hadn’t considered going some where local but it could be a good option to get some peace. I’ve actually got a holiday booked for next week in another tier 3 area, with a hot tub so was rather looking forward to having the chance to really work out the stress levels

Hi Ian, welcome to the forum

Have you heard about our weekly meet ups? We’re running series of online weekly meet ups for carers to get together and chat informally. People say they’ve found it really helpful and supportive and it’s nice to be able to take a little bit of time for yourself. There’s no pressure to share any more than you’re comfortable with. Join up details are here:

Do join if you’d like to

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Thank you Ingrid, unfortunately I have a full time job as well so it is difficult for me to take part in anything during the day. I might join when I am on leave.