Dreadful website

How does anyone navigate this awful website. At this rate it’ll take me longer to navigate & post than it does to care for my wife. Wish I’d never joined, but cannot find how to cancel my membership.

Hi Brian,

sorry you feel that way. You seem to have navigated the forum just fine and successfully made your first post.

Were you looking for something in particular?

If you wish to cancel your membership click on Contact us on the tool bar at the bottom of your screen and send an email to this affect.

Melly1 Moderator

Hi Brian,

Like everything else, it’s easy once you know how.

Either go to the “Board Index” if there’s a specific area of interest, i.e. learning difficulties; or click where it says “Quick Links” and you will find a drop down menu of options.

There are lots of friendly people here, we share information about all sorts of things. Benefits available, and hospital discharge failures, are two of the latest topics.

Was there anything specific you need help with at the moment?

Hi Brian. I’m really sorry to hear that you have been experiencing difficulties navigating the site. You may find some of the information in the link below helpful.


As mentioned by the other forum members, please let us know if there is anything in particular you need help with. Alternatively, if you do wish you to deactivate your account, please email forum@carersuk.org

I’ve accessed the forum on my phone while I’ve been away on holiday, it’s really not an easy experience. For example, why is the Reply button right at the top of the thread, not at the bottom as it is when you use a PC.
Also, the font size of the logo etc. takes up a great deal of screen space.
Is it possible to tweak this slightly?

OK, Thanks for all the responses & I’ll remain but I still think it’s difficult to navigate the website.

Hello Brian, I have recently joined Carers UK and I too found the website to be confusing, but I’m hoping that it will get easier as I get use to it. Wendy

if you click on “Quick Links” top left of this screen, you get a new drop down menu. I usually just click on “New Posts” and see what’s happened since my last visit.

Wow, Bowlingbun, that’s a good one! I’ve been using this forum for a while and thought I knew my way round, but I have ignored quick links up to now, thinking it was a link to external sites in which I had no interest. It all goes to show how different people view web sites in different ways. This is probably one of the difficulties of being a web site designer. I’ll use those quick links from now on, now that I know what they do, thanks.

It took me ages to find too!!

When I said that it should be much clearer, I was told it was “normal for forums like this”.
That was little consolation for me who had other things to do in life than use other forums!!

Just having scour through before getting ready for " the day".
I found the quick links quite early on, but I wonder if it would help newbies, or others, if the wording ’ quick links was highlighted, in bold or similar. Something that catches the eye?

Once you’ve persevered ( and been locked out a few times!) it becomes easier to navigate. It’s like everything else ‘trial and error’ but it is a really good Forum for caring, sharing, empathising and laughing.