Carers uk making a complaint booklet / how to find site feedback

I’ve just “read” this online, but the area and county drop down menu isn’t working.
From my point of view, it would be much easier to have an alphabetical list of counties and the help in that area.

It’s really difficult to find the site feedback section as first you have to know it exists at all, and then use “other” to get a dropdown menu. Please could we just have a full list there?

Hi BB - do you mean the “Site Feedback” section for the forum or for the main CUK site ?

The “Site Feedback” section for the forum is towards the bottom of the main forum menu.

If you click on either the CUK red logo at the top of the page or on the words “Carer Connect” at the top of the page it will automatically take you to the full list of sections.

If you mean CUK’s main website - from what I can see you need to go to the main page and click on “Help and Advice” and then click on “Support where you live” in the drop down menu. then you can specify your area etc. However when I do that at the moment I get a “page unresponsive” message followed by “snap something went wrong whilst displaying this webpage”. Suspect that there’s either a missing link somewhere or that IT are working on the main site !

I think you are referring to our Local Directory @bowlingbun - unfortunately this hasn’t migrated correctly from our old website but it is being worked on and should be back soon.

Carers UK has an online leaflet called something like “Making a Complaint”. In the back of this there is a section that is called “where to get help” (i.e. with making a complaint) which then lists places to get help.
There is a box which asks what area you are in, and which county, but this isn’t working. All there is to help you find the place nearest to you is a random list. I thought I was being really dumb but try as I would to find out how it was arranged, there was no apparent system. It’s really important that CUK information is accessible to everyone, whatever their country of origin or educational standard.

Almost everyone knows the county they live in, so to me it’s logical to have a list of counties, then towns, then details of the organisation that will help. I scrolled up and down, several times, and ultimately gave up.

Thanks for this info, I think you are referring to our ‘Self advocacy toolkit’ which links to the local directory. I have passed your feedback on to our Senior Information Editor to look at .

Yes, that’s the one.

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