Doll therapy

My Mum has been in a care home for 2 months now and they have told me she is asking for a baby doll the same as some of the other residents have and could benefit from doll therapy. They suggest I could buy her one for Christmas and stipulate an all vinyl baby doll. Does anyone on the forum have any experience of this. I’m having trouble finding the correct type of doll. All the ones I can find have a soft fabric body with vinyl legs, head and arms. I’m a shielder myself so shopping online :neutral_face:

Hi Karen,

the dolls used for therapy tend to be soft bodied, weighted to feel like a real baby and the size of a new born. However, if it has to be all plastic/vinyl, then trying googling for a “doll for bathing” or a “doll for the bath.” Alternatively, ask the home which doll/make they recommend or other residents have.


In Argos there is a doll that is for swimming, also on Amazon.
When my husband was in a nursing home some of the ladies had dolls. Usually soft option type. More comfortable for the ladies to cuddle and less likely to break. They can be cleaned if that is what staff are concerned about.

Thank you. I’ll get searching