Does anyone use a third party to handle their DP/PB budget?

Hello again all,

Just curious. Anyone here who has experience with direct payments and/or personal budgets, do any of you/or those you care for, use a third party to manage the care budget?

If so, what area of the country are you in, and what company do you use?
(Feel free to PM me if you don’t want to state in a reply)

What are your experiences with them? Good, bad? Room for improvement?

My partner is trying to find out if anyone out there is having the same problems as my aunt and his sister are when it comes to the handling of their care packages by third party organizations that seemingly aren’t fit for purpose.


Hi Wilea,

Do you mean a third party to plan how they spend their DP/PB or someone to act as payroll and pay for services already in place?


Hi Melly,


I believe that most people receiving a DP are encouraged to use an official payroll company to handle that side of things.
And those deemed unable to manage the DP/PB themselves are farmed out to third party organizations who handle the budget and care package/purchasing etc.

Can you tell us what the problem is?