Disability Rights Handbook - 2019-2020


This is a brilliant guide to all benefits relevant to benefits, really clearly written. Invaluable if you want to know about benefits.

Nice price … £ 35 … £ 19 if on benefits ( I assume income based ones ? ).

A copy for every library … assuming your local one is still open ?

A complimentary copy to every food bank … assuming no local CAB ?

Also to be available in WORD format … Disability Rights retain the copyright.

So , NO copying and pasting to this or any other forum ?

Rights ?

Like almost all of ours … need to take action to enforce them ?

Brilliant, Thanks for link to up-to-date edition. Ordered a fresh copy to get a handle on the newer UC benefits.
Its available through your library too, and CAB’s use it as reference to regs.

I used to buy a copy every year when I ran a charity for special needs children, for the parents to borrow. It was very well used and nearly all the parents were better off when they knew what they were entitled to.

I thinks it’s a bible for everyone.
I used to use one when I was a volunteered with additional needs families and carers.