Direct payments / HMRC / wage slips

Hi All

I was looking for some advice. I used to manage my daughter DP’s under children’s social services and I used IBS to raise the wage slips and I would pay the amount owed. The DP budget allowed me to pay IBS.

However now we have transferred to adults I understand that an amount is not allocated for this ongoing service and the person who manages the budget (me) raises the wage slip etc…

How do I go about doing this ? I spoke with IBS who said there are software’s you can use…

Any advice on how people do this would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Lollipop, how strange most social care dept want people to use a payroll service. Have you double checked this as social workers aren’t best place to advise on this sort of thing.


Hi Melly

Yes I have double checked this and have been advised that if I use a payroll service - this is not allocated in the allocated budget in adults?

Well it is where we live, unless the rules have changed due to trying to make savings.

I think you should check this out further, perhaps ring the Carers Uk helpline?


Thats a great ideal Melly - thank you will call today :slight_smile:

Lollipop if you can’t get through - email them.