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Hi there, I’m just looking for some advice. My partner has Paranoid Schizophrenia and I provide all of her care needs (whilst working fulltime) She has deteriorated to the point where I’m having to look at leaving my job to care for her and our two young children fulltime. She has had a detailed care assessment from our local council and we are due to have a financial assessment. I have read that it is possible for myself as a live in family member to be paid a direct payment (although not the norm) usually only in Scotland and Wales, but apparently under some circumstances a council can agree to this.

Has anyone in England experienced this situation. My partner requires fulltime care and support.

Statutory Guidance to the 2014 Care Act.

12.35 The direct payment is to be used flexibly and innovatively and tehre should be no unreasonable restrict placed on the use of the payment, as long as it is being used to meet eligible care and support needs.”

I’ve never heard of it being agreed. I think the possibility is only there if there are specific medical, religious or cultural reasons that the care cannot be provided by anyone else. There was a case taken to the Ombudsman on these grounds but it was refused as it was felt care could be provided from outside the family. If it is to be considered I believe it must be detialed so in her care plan.
What does that say on what care she needs and how it is to be provided?

And also, while your intentions are admirable, most of us on here who have experience of caring for anyone with mental health issues would advise you to keep working. It gives you a break away from the situation, some social company and much more self worth than being a carer, not to mention the financial situation would be better. Remember this situation could go on for 50 years or more

Thank you kindly. I’m in a dire situation currently and I’ve been trying to figure all this out, thank you for your post. The care manager from our local council has been excellent and very supportive and they referred us for the financial assessment but until today I haven’t really understood what was available through it support wise.

The person you are looking after cannot normally use the direct payment to pay a family member they live with to provide them with care. However, if the local council agree that this is the most effective way of meeting their needs then it is sometimes possible. For example, it might be necessary if there are religious reasons or communication reasons (other reasons may also count as necessary).

It does seem possible from the last line in brackets. I will look into it.

Look no further :

Be interesting to see if others come to the same conclusion.

I was told there was a nurse once who gave up her job to care…

Personally, I find plenty of self worth in being a carer but that’s because I believe what I do is extremely important. One of these days I’m going to look in to getting paid from direct payments. If it costs them more because they have to pay a third party to manage it then they should lobby parliament for a change in the law! Wadte of taxpayer’s money.


I’m going to look in to getting paid from direct payments.

In which case , kiss goodbye to being a family carer , and say hello to being a paid careworker … and all that
comes with that under Employment Law.

Thank you kindly and its very interesting to read.

Confusion reigns … and has done so for a decade … until we challenged the basic assumption.

Add Attendance Allowance / PIP / DLA /SDP for a full house :