Direct payments budget estimations

Hi everyone,

Spent this afternoon going through some old care plans for a relative, and found something curious in regards to how our LA estimates their direct payment budget.

It seems to be done on some kind of points based system, but there’s no real information provided in the care plan about how the points are scored and all the values of the points are all in acronyms.

Just wondering if anyone has the first clue what OPS or WAA / LD means in terms of an estimated budget table?


It took me years to find out about the scheme Hampshire use. They even denied it’s existence to start with. The Care Act Guidance is clear though. Where any Resource Allocation System is used, whatever it is called, they must be transparent about it’s use! So write to the council and make a Freedom of Information Request. - be sure to use that exact term. - you can probably do it online via the council website. Ask for full details, They must provide them within 20 working days if I remember rightly.