Different Together is closing down

Hi there.

I havent posted on carers uk for a very long time.
My partner has Aspergers traits and i find and try to give support to others on an excellent forum that is part of Different Together.

Sadly, Different Together is closing in May.
I was just wondering whether it would be ok for me to post a message on Different Together to suggest that those of us who are active on the forum might all register on Carers Uk?
Some of us have partners who are diagnosed and others of us (like me) are partners to people with lots of Aspergers traits and issues, but no formal diagnosis.

Hoping that you can help us.


Hi Flo,

I’m sorry to hear your Forum is closing down. A few years ago another carer’s forum closed and some of their members joined Carers Uk.

I think new carers would be very welcome at Carers UK and see no issue with telling others on your old forum about us.

However, if you want to check with Admin about posting a message, then click on the Contact us icon at the bottom of the forum and send them a message.


Hi Flo

I would be really interested in a forum here about partnering someone with Aspergers. After 15 years we have decided to live apart but I am really struggling with the whole thing. It is mainly the temper outbursts that I can’t live with, but we have had so many good times (and hard times) together.