Diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy

i am a full time carer for my wife who has mental health issues , i allso have the same but now diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy i have had pain in my body for over 25 yrs i dont get support from mental health adult social care etc all though i have asked for it more since covid … why it is that you cannot get support i cant even wash get dressed . use toilet with out pain …this is why i moan about proffessionals !

Hi Dean,

maybe it is time to request another Needs Assessment for yourself to see if you can get some help with these tasks. Just because you haven’t been given support in the past, doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get help if you ask again at a later date, particularly if your condition has worsened.


Also if you are experiencing pain when doing everyday tasks it would be worth asking your GP for a referral to the OT as various aids might help make everyday life easier.


thanks for your reply i have tried to get help for a long time even before covid , had asc involved and care companys but bue to the issues i had with both of the above i cannot trust proffessionals …
i get pain all the time really and tried different nerve pain killers that did not help been on opiate meds as well no help i have been on antidepressents for about 9 months no help . been to msk for 5 yrs no help going under spine specialist again soon but as i said to my dr no one has said about Neuropathy before untill 2 weeks ago over 25 yrs i have had pain . tingles . numbness all over my body , end up hospital by ambulance as i get pain upper back and chest no heart issue its my back problem … as my dr said i have no life …and as you know full time carer for wife