Coronavirus: What is the ‘breakthrough’ treatment dexamethasone - and what are its side-effects?
Research on COVID-19 patients revealed the effectiveness of a drug in use since the early 1960s.

looks like this drug is only for covid 19 patients , i saw yesterday that the nhs was rolling it out from today so i thought everyone would have it but dont think much to the side effects …

Mum was given a low dose of this when she was diagnosed with cancer to help with appetite. I suppose when you are gasping for breath, it’s proven to be a promising remedy and may not need to be taken for that long. It is all relative.

I used to take dexamethasone when I was having chemo. It stops you feeling sick and vomiting. I have a feeling it may help you to put on weight. I think it’s used for a number of other things too.

Covid , it’s only given to those on Oxygen or Ventilator. It does not benefit anyone else with Covid.
Those with severe lung infection sometimes their immune system goes into overdrive and attacks the body.
Dex helps prevent this in some patients and saves their life.