Advice please

I posted a few weeks ago about my mum’s partners needs assessment. It’s tomorrow. Finally got the council to agree to do it at his house and his family will be there. The problem is our mum who also has dementia. We tried to explain that he may have to into care and she won’t accept it. His family plan not to return him to her home but to take him to theirs or into care. We haven’t told her this but obviously we’ll have to deal with the fallout after he’s gone. Any suggestions? She may insist on going to his assessment with him as she will try and cover for him even though they can’t care for themselves. How do we stop her?

You can’t really stop your mum. The person doing the assessment. Should be adequately trained to recognise your mums condition. It sound like a few of you will be there. You need to talk between each other. Have a plan of action to distract her. And if necessary keep her busy somewhere each in the home. Is there something she really enjoys that would distract her.

She had initially agreed not to go. We don’t want her there because his family intend to take him with them straight afterwards. He’s being assessed on his own because she won’t be caring for him anymore. She thinks she can but she can’t.

Be careful. Learn about Deprivation of Liberty. There should be a Best Interests meeting!!!