Delay on CA being cancelled?

Hiya I started claiming CA march 2020 as I suddenly had a lot of caring responsibilites during the pandemic. April 2021 and those started to come to an end, so I sent my changes of circumstances online form off. Since then I have heard nothing back from the gov and continue to receive payments I don’t want. I resent the form yesterday with the same April 2021 date. I just really want them stopped cause I want these overpayments I keep receiving gone as well. Anyone else struggling with this and know what I can do to maybe speed up the cancellation??


Have you sent the form registered post or signed for delivery - so you have proof of them receiving it? Then you are not culpable as it’s their mistake to keep paying you?

Are you now back at work and earning more than you are allowed on Carer’s Allowance?

Have you tried ringing them?


I just sent the online changes of circumstance form? Do I have to send something by post?? Gonna give them a ring today tho and hope it can be sorted out!

Did you get an email confirming receipt of the form?

I don’t know if it’s standard procedure, but its happened with most things of a similar ilk that I’ve dealt with on-line.