Dealing with Professionals

Just a few thoughts on this: so many carers have told me that it’s not the caring that gets them down…

  1. As carers we are emotionally involved, while professionals are not. It’s really important to step back from the emotional responses and think about things dispassionately if you can. It’s hard, but if you can lay out your arguments in that way, you’re more likely to be heard.

  2. Prepare for any meeting or phone call. Notepad and pen handy, and have some notes set up - what do you want to tell them?

  3. Think about what it is you’re asking for. Why do you believe the person you care for needs x instead of y? What are the advantages of x as opposed to y?

  4. It always helps to look up the relevant legislation and guidance. Being able to quote what you need can be a major help and (insert suitable word here) off those who are thinking about budgets and the status quo instead of what you or your caree needs.

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Agreed, but even with all the preparation in the world, some just don’t want to do their jobs properly.

True - but at least you have your ammunition if you want to take things further.