Avoiding Safeguarding and the Struggle it brings

I believe my concern will not be new to experienced carers here. However, i need to say as it troubles me alot, and i need response from carers that can properly synchronise with my type of difficulties because I’m struggling.

I’m a carer and have been in the role for almost a year in the UK, i began well and i believe I’m not relenting trying deal with each day’s caring challenges. I make myself available to do domiciliary care and live in support as the rotas may appear. But I’ve been doing more of live in and flexible to take on shifts. The problems is that I’ve heard a couple of safeguarding raised against me with almost last warnings left, and after, i will be left with no job. Each time I’ve had the safeguarding, i tried my possible best to reflect and adjust. But it just keep reoccurring as if I’ve not been doing anything or scrutinizing myself to do better. Or probably, i dint have a better say in reviewing the Safeguarding when its been raised. I’ve heard many great feedback (some with gifts) from previous clients or their families that i support, for the way i handle them with care and compassion indoor and outdoor. I’m always careful while working; maybe not enough. But sometimes i feel some people i know in care or have covered up for overtime are not doing up to what i do to support clients. Yet, i feel I’m the only one ending up in trouble.

I feel sick about this and highly troubled. Really troubled down to the heart!

I will be in the comments…

Hi Danny,

This forum is for those who care for a family member or friend, rather than for paid care workers.

I suggest you speak to your manager and join a union.

You may find this link helpful

Healthcare Workers’ Foundation - Home’%20Foundation%20provides,nurses%20to%20cleaners%20and%20porters.

Thanks @Melly1 i will consider that