Daughters MH

My 18 year old formerly happy bright daughter took an overdose 4 weeks ago. Other than crisis team in hospital havnt had any further advice. Her dad and I feel we need to watch her and allow her to do and have what ever makes her a bit happier. We dont feel able to cope with this as both of our Mental health is suffering

Take a look at this web site which maybe able to provide some help…

or sight post you to organisations


As you daughter is eighteen you are now in adult territory.

Get Urgent Help | Support If You're Struggling | YoungMinds?

There will support groups in your area. There is loads of information and help you are not on your own.
It’s just finding what helps the most.
You are your daughter will require different types of support and help.

Hi Sara,
Welcome to the forum.

What a frightening experience.

Is your daughter receiving follow on care, since leaving hospital?
You may well have to shout loud and make a fuss to help her get services and support.

Definitely follow up the links from Sunnydisposition.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, this isn’t my area of expertise.


Hi Sara, So sorry to hear about your daughter. Have you found out why she took the overdose? Also what was she like during the days/weeks leading up to the overdose?

She was very depressed and tearful leading up to the day. She has now dropped out of sitting her A levels as she was so stressed. They also doubled her medication which cetainly pushed her over the edge. Had no support since. She has apt next friday that is 5weeks we have got through alone. We were told we dont get help because she turned 18 in feb so now she is an adult. My husband is not coping either

It sounds like your daughter felt under extreme pressure studying for her A’Levels. Hopefully now that she has dropped out and the pressure has gone she’ll start to feel better.
My son suffered from anxiety and depression at 17 and he also dropped out of doing his A’levels. He has since been diagnosed as having mild Asperger’s. He is now 25.
Take things very slowly with your daughter and let her know how much you love her.