Daughter very unwell mentally and I am trying to bear the pain she could also have cancer

Hi Ula.

This has been a really stressful time, and it’s that much more stressful when your daughter wants to deal with this herself. But that’s a really good sign and shows that you’ve been doing exactly the right things for her so that she can have the strength to do this. The hard part is stepping back, but being nearby to help when needed - and your daughter seems to have recognised that too.

We all have “off” days at work. When you’re stressed, you feel it more. I’m not sure that digging a pond would work for me in your situation: I’d be too busy fantasising about your client and whether the pond would accommodate their full length…and be deep enough… :rofl: :joy:

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Thanks Charles, you have made me laugh, and you sum up eloquently the dance of both caring and empowering those we care for.
Thanks for validating my stepping back.
Warmly Ula