Dangerous moment' as lockdown eased

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam’s remarks come as three scientists warn the relaxing of the lockdown may be happening too early.

Coronavirus: Scientists warn government against easing lockdown as temperatures soar
The experts, all members of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), have said relaxing the restrictions is risky.

Look at the packed crowds demonstrating in London today.
The crowds on the beaches so far.
The sunny weather tomorrow.
I wonder what the bookmaker’s odds are on a second wave?

How many more scientists also think of this danger but are keeping their heads below the
public parapet and remain silent?

Big mistake saying people could drive as far as they want…the beaches are heaving. ( seen in photos…)

I’ve never seen the New Forest as busy as it’s been over the last few days, it even exceeds a busier than normal August Bank Holiday. I came past the Mill Lawn Car Park this afternoon, (BB probably knows it), the car park was full, and there were cars parked on the road all the way from the ford and up beyond the car park entrance. Wootton Bridge was the same a couple of days back, car park rammed full and at least another fifty cars on the roadside.

Fortunately I’ve not run out of quieter and less known spots to visit yet, but it’s beginning to get a bit samey.


Thats good you are still getting your walks. But I know what you mean with lack of variety!

I must admit i am getting a bit bored with the same local walks and long to go further afield. But despite what Boris says am resisting the urge as he clearly doesn’t know best.

New Forest area is lovely…but much better for you when everyone gets back to work!