Dad passed away how do I restart life

After caring for Dad for the last 7 years he passed away peacefully at home on the 1st Nov. In the final week I was supported by the palliative care team who organised Hospital at Home and were most helpful in explaining what was happening .The speed at which Dad declined amazed me and I am grateful for the nurses who prepared me for the changes. What I want to know is what help is there for former carers who now find their world has completely changed forever granted my local GP has been in touch and friends family etc have all rung and yes we were able to have a small funeral but now all that is done and here I sit alone . are there any organisations that help us get back into the life we had before caring.


Hi Shaun

Many condolences for the loss of your Dad.

There are many former carers group across the country. And there maybe a former carers near you.

You have a heap of experience on caring. And although you may not feel as yet. To converse on this subject. You can help many others on this forum. Hopefully, you will feel able to at a later date.

Again condolences and be kind to yourself.

As I don’t know your age - the above link may have some helpful information.

Shaun,dad was lucky to pass away at home, with you. Be proud of your caring. The next few months will feel strange, and you may become very tired as you begin to relax. If sleep is difficult, talk to your GP. After I was widowed, I found a book Starting Again, by Sarah Litvinoff helpful. Usually on eBay. It’s easy to read and will help you wok out what you would like your future life to include. Are you OK financially?

Hi Bowling bun yes should be ok for a short while and then it will be back into the world of work for financial reasons and getting social contact .

Thank you.

Hi Shaun, I’m very sorry about the loss of your dad. This is a difficult time for you.
Last year I lost someone close to me, so I understand how you feel.
What helped me was joining clubs in my local area. There was a Bereavement group, a dance class and a walking group that I joined. But sadly all that stopped due to the Lockdown. Hopefully when things get back to normal then my classes should start again.