D vitamin to Fight with Coronavirus

I know nutrient D is fundamental for sound hair and regrowth, all things considered what amount would it be a good idea for us to take in a day for regrowth? Additionally I accept D nutrient as in drops, where one drop is 1000 iu, does that mean on the off chance that I need to take 4000iu of D nutrient, at that point I take 4 drops or it doesn’t work that way? Sorry I don’t have anybody to ask and require help??

We normally get enough Vitamin D from 15-20 minutes per day exposure to the sun (on bare arms, face and legs) but if you don’t go out very much then the recommended dose is 10 mcg (micro-grams) per day.

I have osteoporosis so take it all year round to maintain good bone health - for me it has the added benefit of boosting my immune system and I can confirm that I rarely get a cold or the flu :slight_smile: I get mine in tablet form from Holland & Barrett.

George, I am not sure if it helps in fighting with coronavirus… I think vitamin C can be more proper substance. Any other thoughts?

A recent report indicated that vitamin D will be issued free to those at risk - Covid19 attacks our immune system and as vitamin D naturally supports the immune system it makes sense to me to take it as a supplement, especially at this time of year when we don’t get enough sunlight for our body to make enough.

It would be cool If it worked.

I have to stay indoor maximum of my time as my job is like this. What is your suggestion toward me. I live in the region where weather is mostly SUNNY whether I go for naturally Vitamin D or either for human made (Medicine).