Covid 2020 - Fast Discharge Funding - End of life Care

Hoping someone can help.

During July - discharge from hospital under Covid CHC funding for a full package of Care at home. They did not say their was an end date to this and it would be reviewed at 6, 12 and 24 weeks. Have not heard from them at all until this week. Now saying that Covid Fast Discharge ended in September when the pandemic was over!!!

We now have to apply via assessment and criteria and funding maybe withdrawn or transferred to Adult Social Care. However it is a big package of Care and I know under Adult Social Care we will not get the same level. They are now mentioning Nursing Homes.

  1. I don’t understand why the funding has ended as we are still shielding, no vaccine and the hospitals full.
  2. If we do not make the criteria and appeal does Care package remain in place until appeal is heard?

Many Thanks for any advice.

I’m not understanding (as in, not heard of) some of your terminology; i.e Covid CHC Funding and Covid Fast Discharge.

The usual procedure when a patient is discharged and in need of care at home is that they are assessed for “Re-ablement Care” this is provided free for up to six weeks for anyone that needs it. Once the six weeks is up, a reassessment is made and this will be means tested, if the patient has over £23.500 in savings they will be expected to pay for everything, unless of course they qualify for CHC funding and then care becomes free again. CHC funding is very strictly controlled, and is by no means the certainty that anyone might think it should be.

Under the usual rules, if someone is receiving CHC they have to prove needs have reduced before taking it away. In any case, SSD have limits to what they can provide, above that it has to be CHC. Do NOT pay anything to anyone until there has been another CHC assessment, don’t believe anything you are told about any funding!!!


this website has information specifically on CHC funding during Covid. They also have a free helpline Changes to NHS Continuing Healthcare | COVID-19 Legislation - Beacon

Hope this helps.


Thank You for your responses, under fast track end of life there is no enablement, the needs criteria is not used, the Consultant completes the form for rapid deterioration, therefore no assessment as such.

Thank you I have tried to contact Beacon, they have information but they do not state an end date for the funding the Trust are saying it ended in September. They are not putting anything in writing.

I will try and phone Beacon tomorrow.

Many Thanks

Nothing in writing??

Then tell them they will get nothing until there is something in writing!

I would also suggest making a SAR - Subject Access Request, for details of everything written on their notes about discharge. They have 30 days to respond, as a rule.

Bernadette, my father was going to be discharged under End of Life in November (after the cut off date), I also was told he would have SIX WEEKS paid for care (he is over the £23,000 savings limit.) But I had to fight for even three!! (I got it extended to four in the end, then we had to go private… which we are still doing.) I have enquired about CHC as I personally think he will qualify, but they do not want to play ball!! I am holding out until he is really unwell again and go for back dating if I had to. I was not too impressed with Beacon as although they offer an initial free consult, they will charge a huge fee to fight your case for you. (OK if you are talking £20,000k or more, but I think their fee is a bit steep and it is not widely publicized what they do/how much they charge. You have to read the small print.)

Good luck, I couldn’t get anything in writing either about my father’s discharge.