CHC Fast-Track for a Self-Funder

Mum has been self-funding in her care home for over seven years, paying approximately double the LA rate.

Sadly, the GP has now said she is end-of-life and CHC fast-track has been applied for (hoping to have the answer later today). However, having done a serious amount of online searching, I can’t find anything that says whether her full (self-funding) fees will be paid, or just the LA rate.

Has anyone been through this and can confirm what happens.


I’m sorry to hear mum is now end of life.
My mum passed away about 5 years ago, so I can’t promise that what I’m about to say is 100% accurte, you need to check with the CHC Framework.
As I understand it, the NHS usually has it’s own rate negotiated with nursing homes. However, unlike Social Services rates, it cannot be topped up.
In mum’s situation, the framework says it’s wrong to move anyone.
As Fast Track should be arranged within 48 hours, someone should be in touch with you shortly.

Thanks, Bowlingbun, that’s very reassuring. My concern was that I had read “somewhere” online (which, of course, I can’t find now!) that CHC would be paid in full, but “taking account of the LA’s registered amount” or something similar.

No news yet, but will be chasing later today/tomorrow!

I’m 99% certain that “top ups” are not permitted.
If anyone says things I think they shouldn’t be saying, I ask them to tell me the same thing in an email, as my memory isn’t good, I need to show my brother, etc. etc.
Just get everything in writing!