Council housing and ill mum

Hello, I’ve grown up as a carer to my mum who has a long term physical disability and associated mental health (anxiety/depression).

I’m from Manchester but last year I relocated to Cornwall with my young son (I’m a single mum) and my aunt took over caring for my mum who still lives in Manchester. I managed to move by finding a mutual exhange on my council home and have 2 bedrooms. I work full time as a teacher so I pay my own rent/council tax and I have applied to buy this home.

Unfortunately, my mum isn’t coping either physically or mentally and my aunt has now said she will no longer care for my mum.

I’ve applied for council housing for her down here but they have said I’m not a local connection for her because I haven’t been here in Cornwall for 5 years. So she’s a band C but she isn’t eligible to bid on council properties, only Hounsing Association ones, most of which have the same 5 year connection rule.

I only have 2 bedrooms in my council home but I have a large living room, kitchen and downstairs bathroom.

Is it possible for my mum to move in here even though we’d be overcrowding? We are happy to convert the living room into a bedroom and kitchen into kitchen/living.

If she does move in, can the council try to evict her because we will be overcrowding due to only having 2 bedrooms currently?

If she gives up her council home in Manchester she’s worried she’d become homeless if my council asked her to leave my home.

The council here would have no duty to house her here in Cornwall due to having no local connection.

She needs to move to get support from me. She’s rang me this morning suicidal. I feel so guilty for moving away :frowning:

I feel so stuck.

Hi Suzanne.

One for Shelter me thinks … the experts on social housing :

Your problem so outlined should be meat and drink for them.

Don’t do it!

Your child must be your top priority, moving mum in would ruin his childhood and any chance of you having a normal life, and hopefully, a new relationship. How could he have his friends round to play etc. etc. if his needy grandmother was always there. With no local connections, she would be 100% reliant on you for absolutely everything.

There have been many forum members who have bitterly regretted moving mum in, or very near.

If mum has needs, then they should be met in Manchester. Your aunt should contact Social Services and ask for a Needs Assessment for mum, and a Carers Assessment for herself.

You don’t say how old mum is? If she is already in council housing, does the authority have any “sheltered housing”, or is it now time for mum to move into residential care?