Coping with Anxiety

I have never experienced the levels of anxiety I am feeling now. In the past 3 months I have lost my Mum, then my best friend. To add to this loss my Wife required emergency surgery 2 weeks ago and survived a heart attack on the table. I have been getting help from a bereavement counselor plus using support from Carers UK and Carers in Herts. Through all this you still have to continue your caring role.

Norman, I went through three life changing issues in 18 months.
Major life saving surgery, the loss of my husband, and a head on smash that nearly killed me and left me virtually unable to walk.
There is only so much even the most resilient person can manage, and for the first time in my life I had panic attacks.
Be kind to yourself. It’s OK to take short cuts, buy ready meals, leave the housework when you are tired. In fact tiredness is a sign that the body is really stressed.
Is your wife home again? How much help is she getting? 6 weeks free Reablement Care?