Contirbution ESA and housing benefit been dropped

I am posting here as I can not seem to find the information elsewhere. I am on CBESA support group and enhanched PIP (both parts), my husband went on the sick last year after getting seriously ill and was put in the WRAG ESA contributions group for 12 month and we got full housing benefit from council. His CBESA ended 3 weeks ago and we transferred over to IRESA for me and husband on my claim. Then yesterday we got a letter saying he was being put back onto CBESA but in the support group instead while he awaits a large operation and my CBESA was going back to usual rate. Now we’ve been told we lose 50% of our housing benefit (no other earnings coming in). So the extra bit of money coming in from my husbands cbesa will go straight onto the rent instead.
However my question is as he is still caring full time for me until he gets his operation next year, could he have an underlying entitlement to carers allowance (underlying because of him being on CBESA) and if he did and we claimed it would that help towards reducing our rent a bit more through a premium on housing benefit?

Not sure if all that makes sense but thank you for reading and any help you can give.


Hi Sam.

A question that demands an expert on benefits to answer.

My recommendation is either the CAB or the CUK Advice Team ( Best by email ) … contact details follow :
Citizens Advice

Purely a snippet from the Internet :


However you should still claim Carers Allowance, you will not receive payment, but you will be eligible for the Carer Premium in your ESA applicable amount. Your present income (£125.05 ESA) will go up by the value of the Carer premium (£34.60) giving you £159.65 weekly ESA

Can you tell us a bit more about your husbands illness and forthcoming op?