Conflicting information. NI housing executive

Hi all I’m from northen Ireland and use to care for my mum with mental health problems who has made me homeless and is now been sectioned.

However now I’m having real trouble between my GP and the houing executive. As part of my homeless application they are doing a piroty needs test. For which I have learning difficulties dyslexic and ADHD. However here lays the problem.

My GP has told me. The houing officer dealing with this should contact him about my conditions. Also this stuff about data protection and confidentiality is nonsense.

Meanwhile my houing officer has told me. He can’t ring my GP about this because of the data protection and confidentiality. He suggested I get a summary of my diagnosis from my GP or my medical records. But they take a month to get. And my GP is insisted that I don’t need them saying its the housing officers job to investigate this.

I’ve messaged houing advice NI. They said my housing officer has a duty to investigate this.

But a carer assessment person i was speaking with said. That No housing can’t enquiry about your medical records or conditions.

Neither side seem willing to budge and my GP is refusing to give me anything to state what I have.

I’ve have no idea what to do. Does anyone know anything about this?

Hi Neil,

This does sound a catch-22 situation. Have you tried ?