Data protection act strikes again

Looking after my caree with memory issues, time and time again she tells people to email as she just cannot remember what people say on the telephone.
People just ignore this, i go around and she says a lady phoned up today, who she can’t remember.
I have to play the guessing game.

I have been helping this lady for years, just rang up to arrange a few appointments, I am ringing up all the time rearranging appointments.
Rang up one place very helpful gave up my carees details, right thank you, all booked in, appointment will turn up in the post.

Next department, i ring up to find out what is happening, mrs blank on the waiting list, i am told Data protection Act, cannot give me any information, phone slammed down.
As my caree says why isn’t this person in a field eating grass and mooing?

But i remember i helped fill in the form, have you an unpaid carer, yes, name details etc mine, do you give consent sharing info etc, she ticked yes.
So caree has agreed that the department can talk to me.
But department has refused.
I help with post, letters, any appointments write in her diary so she doesn’t forget.

If she does forget , gets a nasty letter through the post, every wasted appointment costs such and such.
I am sure nowadays they can use new technology, send an email or text, reminder of appointment.
The vets can do it so why can’t the NHS?

I am helping this lady, taking her to appointments, sitting with her at appointments, she just doesn’t understand a lot of the time what is said, so i help explain it to her.

But the way i am being treated is disgusting, what can i do, what are my rights?
As i say 99 per cent no problems just this one department causing trouble.
Technically though they have broken the Data Protection Act as i have read a letter from their department to the lady.

Once again sick and tired of caring, just makes my blood boil, the way we unpaid carers are treated.