Compliance interview and undisclosed savings

Hello everyone,

I have been on Guaranteed Pension Credit for a year now. Since I lost my job.

When applying we did a very stupid thing and did not disclose the extent of our savings. We were, to be frank, reeling from having to apply for benefits at all after working all our lives and did not realise the full-implications of what we were doing. It was too simple just to say ‘NO” during the phone application.

Now we have this compliance telephone interview. We realise that they must or at least may have found out. What we need now is the best strategy going forward. We do not, at any point, wish to disclose our bank statements. We are willing to pay back and admit our culpability.

We are thinking or writing a letter outlining our culpability, better to be the one to disclose than to be found out / directly accused.

What might be the best strategy. we are making ourselves ill with worry. I am 63 my partner 75.

Thank you

Hi Alan.

Akin to a rabbit caught in the headlights ?

Internet search … DWP Compliance internviews … reveals numerous forum threads across both the carer and caree
forums … a lot of useful information on there for you to digest :

dwp compliance interviews - Google Search
Even a useful video should you prepare audio as opposed to bland text :

DWP Compliance interviews: the who, what, where and why - YouTube

Best strategy ?

Come clean and be truthful … the DWP are both judge and jury.


Thank you so much for these replies.

I should have said this was a telephone compliance interview. But the fact remains that we have savings above the limit so we’re never eligible. I think we need to br proactive and fess up by letter before the interview. Better that tha appear to be ‘found out.’

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?/

Thank you again…:slight_smile:

Those forum replies , Alan ?

If in doubt , your local CAB … given the possible repercussions ?

I have tried and tried cab, but can never get through. What alternative organisations might there be??

Have you tried online ?

Local solicitor specialising in benefit " Compliance. "

Regretably , it is the weekend … for some.

Yes I have but for this they refer you to a branch…

In which case , Monday morning ?

Nobody on this forum can give the same expert advice … because none of us are professional experts.

Thank you.

Hi Alan

Have you tried contacting Age UK - I would think that this scenario is not a new one to them !

Alan: The simplest initial action seems to be to write, as you suggest, stating that you’ve discovered an error in your claim, being that you had more than the threshold at the time of application (and since), apologise for the error, and wish to reimburse the overpaid amount, which you believe is the total paid.

In this case there would be no point in DWP asking for proof of savings at the material time(s) as you’ve stated the total received was illegitimate. Simply say you had more than whatever the limit is (£10k?) and were mistaken in applying at all.

I assist and advise my hospice patients in claiming PC and disability benefits (I’m a chaplain), and I know that plenty under-claim (through error) and well as over-claim. Some simply forget they’ve had savings for years, or have lost statements and guess as can’t get out to banks, etc.

I’d have thought that DWP would be satisfied in having the money back without costly bureaucracy in seeking sanction. If you ask them to advise you of the sum of overpayment you can settle this by cheque, or card over the phone.

I hope it all goes smoothly…

Best wishes,