Client contributions.

Hello carers,

I’m trying to figure out if my aunt is paying too much for her domestic care. I’ve read through some of the legislation and I see it states that the council can’t charge you a contribution on any income that falls below “what the government say you need to live on”…

But what exactly does the government say one needs to live on?

There seems to be no actual figures out there to try and calculate this yourself.

I’ve asked my aunt’s social worker about the contribution and was basically scared off from pursuing a reassessment, because he implied it would come out more expensive, and my aunt is already struggling to make ends meet as it is. So I wanted to try and figure out how much she should be paying myself, but I don’t know where to start.

Does anyone here have any experience in this area, who might be willing to point me in the right direction to see if my aunt is being ripped off or is paying her correct tut.

Thanks in advance.

Do not EVER be a social worker when money is involved.
In Hampshire, the Financial Assessment unit do the calculations, not the social workers.
Just Google “Charging for Care” and you should find full details.
Is aunt claiming all the benefits she is entitled to?

The social worker in question seems to think he’s in charge of deciding how much funding my aunt gets.

Yeah, she’s getting everything she can. She’s been surviving off benefits for decades now due to such ill health.

Just remembered the term you want. It’s minimum Income Guarantee. Just ask the social worker what figure the LA use. Also go to Social Work England’s website and see if the SW is qualified.