All the money going on carers

Dealing with the lady again about attendence allowance.

Relatives have arranged carers, one in the morning, one in the evening.

But by the time paid bills and the care costs literally no money left.

Lady owns the house but sure she doesn’t have over £23’000 savings.

Isn’t there supposed to a minimum income guarantee?

That you should have some money left over.

This isn’t through the council, should it be, a Needs assessment and a financial check?

The relatives don’t really know about all this, all working so cannot provide the care so arranged paid carers privately and
independently of the council.

If savings are below a certain level the council will pay for some or all of the care costs.
Does anyone have POA? DWP Appointeeship?
The value of the house is irrelevant while she is living there!
They need to ring SSD and get an URGENT assessment.
She might even qualify for Continuing Healthcare, totally free.