Clearing personal possessions

I’m wondering about the legal position of disposing of a parent’s assets after they are admitted to a care home.

My brother moved into my mother’s house after she was admitted to a care home. Before this happened, I took a detailed inventory of her possessions and made a spreadsheet of their value and what to do with them.

I am assuming that we have a duty to monetise her assets and deposit them into her account.

My mother has notice to be evicted from her housing association house on 25th October.

My brother is not responding to my letter suggesting how we should dispose of her possessions, including memorabilia. We are not on talking terms following his abrupt cessation of my mother’s care whilst living with her. I took over as her dementia progressed.

If he disposes of her possessions without my knowledge, is he breaking the law?

I will be managing my mother’s probate when she dies. I am planning to adjust his share of the inheritance by the value of the possessions he disposes of.

They are still mum’s until she dies!