Keep receipts and a diary! Poa assets

Another salutary story from this week’s ombudsmen cases list.
In summary a daughter with POA asked OPG if it was ok to pay for renovations to Mums house before it was sold to pay for Mums care. Was told Yes.

But after house was sold Council asked why value received was lower than on initial valuations.
Daughter explained it was costs necessary to get a sale but was unable to produce receipts to show the work was done (she had used her daughter’s company to do the work) An invoice from granddaughters company was not enough, Council wanted to see details and proof of work. Without those it said it was deprivation of assets. And Ombudsmen agreed.

So, whether POA or just trying to help, when dealing with anything on behalf of anyone who may ever need care, or residential care, make sure you keep all receipts, and a note of why they were needed.

Good point. I havent kept receipts for some of the work we have had done to Mothers house (her and my home) but will be on the case now.

Hopefully Mother will stay here for the rest of her days but of course you never know.