Catheter keeps disconnecting

Hi all, I’ve only just joined my name is Tina and my other half has a catheter which is changed every 10 weeks, he has a leg bag which our carers sort out the emptying and changing but the problem we have is even tho the leg bag is connected properly it keeps coming apart.
My other half is bedbound/wheelchair and has a few months ago been diagnosed with supranuclear palsy/Corticobasal syndrome and cannot do anything for himself. Two years ago he fell backwards into the edge of a door which has crushed 3 vertebrae in his lower back and has no sensation hence why he has a catheter, when the catheter disconnects it causes so much stress for him as it soaks all the bed sheets and needs changing asap, the only good thing is that he has a hospital bed so does not wet the mattress but I’ve tried duct tape to stop this but wondered if anyone has any better ideas to stop it happening as with them disconnecting he is higher risk of UTIs as I say the leg bag is always securely connected :-???

Mum had a leg bag during the day, and a night bag on a stand at night.
Are you saying his is never changed when he lays down??

Tell us more

I believe that every GP Practice should have a “Continence Nurse”.
Mum had a catheter and I believe the nurse made sure everything was OK, about once a month.
Maybe contact your GP practice and ask for a visit?