Catheter help

I feel like I’m being selfish, I care for my mam who i live with, she has been learning to walk after covid she caught in December, she has been home since March. I’ve had a weekend, one night away booked for over a year, I’m desperately in need of a break, I haven’t had time away from home in 2 years my mam has a foley catheter and wears a night bag to bed which is upstairs. She’s fine going up with me holding her nightbag but worried she might fall if she tries to carry it herself. I feel awful leaving her, but want to get away for my sanity. Does anyone have any advice for carrying a long tube nightbag upstairs please?
I’m considering not going away which will cause problems for others. It’s just a short distance from where I live. Thanks

Does she use a leg bag during the day, or just a flip/flow valve?

If she uses a leg bag, leave it attached and then let her attach the night bag directly to the leg bag once she’s upstairs. This is better that substituting the night bag for a leg bag anway as there is less risk of introducing infection, every time a bag is detached from the catheter it’s a risk.

Alternatively, if you get elastic straps with the bags, use a long one to strap the night bag around her waist whilst she goes up the stairs.

Thanks Ajay unfortunately she can’t put the nightbag on herself, either myself or the carers have to do it. Strapping it up may be a possibility

The carers need to be timed to coincide with going upstairs.

Unfortunately the carers finish around 8, she refuses to go to bed before 11.00 as she doesn’t well