Catheter leaking all the while.....Advice

…Dont know if this is in the right area…sorry if it wrong.

My dad (im 24/7 carer) is 91 and had a catheter for close to 7 years (Foley) off and on we have had bad by-pass in the last few years and blockage through Debris but this is not the case in this situation so my question is.
Nothing comes in the dads bag when sitting in his chair all day very rare and 100% not blocked it just leaks all day.
On the bed and still leaks but then some comes in the bag around 3 hours then i get a good litre or litre and half all night.
Drinks 1.5L water/orange juice and 3 teas all day.
Nurses knows and doctor ect but leaking is not classed as an emergency being there is no retention being its leaking.
Does anyone on here know and advice or have the same problem,i have put it down to weak bladder muscles and positioning
as it will still leak even if it comes into the bag.

Hi Jason

Do you mean that Dad is passing tiny amounts of urine all day or that the bag itself is leaking?

The only experience I have of catheters/bags is when I’ve had one fitted after an operation and I do recall that I kept passing tiny amounts of urine all the while it was fitted; but if it is the catheter’bag that is leaking then TBH sounds to me as either the catheter or bag is faulty. Have the nurses tried giving Dad a new bag ?

Does the “Continence Nurse” from the GP surgery visit regularly?

Hi,thanks for the reply.
I wish it was a small amount but its day and night and only gets it come in bag on a night when on the bed and after around 3 hours area,nurses say this is normal with old people in the day not having any in the bag as there body don’t work the same like the output is more at night and when on the bed.
We have had this off and on for a few years but came back as from this Saturday when dad was blocked (again) and waited hours as you call the nurses then wait for a call back then time to come, dont forget they say wait 2 hours before this and they also tell dad to wait again a few hours when he is on the bed, bladder was full and its like it’s been stretched and muscles are weak anyway having it in so long and the tablet as well to weaken it.

My husband who is 85 has had a catheter for 2 years. He in increasingly getting a similar problem. Used to go normal 12 weeks and would have catheter replaced. Recently he gets some bypass, some urine in the bag and then all works ok for a few days. I wonder i the urethra has become stretched with insertion/removal, allowing leakage. Also get a lot of debris so possibly that could move around in the bladder and cause temporary blockage? However during the day there is always urine either in bag or pad ( husband doubly incontinent so wears pads) Our DN would come out and replace if requested but I don’t want to put husband through that if not necessary, so I tend to wait and see. Sometimes a good cough will get flow going. Hope you find a solution.

Yes we have nurses come around every week to flush it out and the last week i ring them then they ring back and go from there.
I think you are right saying its stretched and even more when you get a full bladder what can’t empty like dad did on that night.
Dad in the last 3 years has had lot more problems being it’s been in for 7 years in around 4 months,first it was fine then you can see through time things get that bit worse and now its constant leak in the day and in bag mostly and leak at night and nurses say a lot of elderly people don’t pass a lot until there in bed and relaxing.
See he has been on a tablet for around 4 years to make the Urethral tube relaxed which i think don’t help things.
He did use to go full 12 weeks but now if it don’t get blocked around 3 to 7 if lucky and if the nurses flush it which we aint getting all the white but should be done,this is to do with nurses not us as we want it done every week.
I have learnt a lot in 7 years area about catheters and problems and how they work.

Woodpecker or other people with this sort of problem do you have like a sensation at the end as its leaking,my dad says its like a stinging/trying to push and get out urine when it leaks like a very unpleasant sensation for around 20 seconds and the leak.
Doctor came and no infection just one of many problems you get having a catheter for a long time,strange that we have had it before but it went off and only come on since bladder was full and then found it was blocked then new catheter,very rare before he had catheter change we had this problem and aint been on for a good 8 months or more as bladder never been this full.
I might just settle down through time but not very nice this sensation.

Sorry I don’t know about any sensation being felt. My husband has vascular dementia and he doesn’t really talk very much now, but hasn’t indicated any pain or discomfort, only when catheter changed. At least your Dad has no infection and the doctor came out which is good.