Mums Catheter


I joined to ask as question regarding catheters, my mums had a suprapubic Cather in and it wasn’t draining. The DN came out and inserted a new one, I was out at the time, my mums carers were their and the nurse must have been their two hours before the carers arrived. The carers noticed my mum bleeding from behind and called the nurse back in to have a look. She looked and said it was fine and normal with catheter changes, she’s never had that before. This was 2pm, I got back at 3pm and the first thing I noticed was about 250ml of pure blood in her Cather bag, I know some bleeding is normal but that was a shock and we’ve not had it in years. Called the nurse back as she was haemorrhaging from the site, vagina, into the bag and anus and had lost a bit of blood, was told id have to wait till 7 because they don’t have any slots, I said it was urgent and they said it would be fine.

The second nurse came out and saw all the blood and it wasn’t draining and just said that they’d have to change it again, she changed it and went even though their was a lot of blood. The carers came about 15 minutes later and she was really losing a huge amount of blood and called the ambulance who rushed her to hospital. anyone know what’s wrong, the hospital won’t say anything and im worried sick it looked really bad, I don’t know how this happened from a catheter change. Although I got a call from the nurses this morning and they said infection can cause blood, I don’t think haemorrhaging out is an infection. A though popped into my had that they’d messed up and its their fault she’s in this state, what do you suggest I dp and what this mat be.

I’m afraid they haven’t done the procedure properly. Can you speak to the Ward Sister?

I have and the feeling I’ve got is your bothering them and they won’t say much. Like I just called and all I was told was infection, ok so where but they just say she’s got an infection. They say she needs an ultrasound but can’t do it while she’s in and shell get an appointment, they don’t care that its a pain dealing with transport and carers getting her ready as they have set times etc. and would be so much easier and surely safer than just leaving it. What if she’s bleeding iternally yet they can do an ultrasound just to rule it out or are they trying to cover their back because they messed up in the first place and all they do is cover stuff up rather than deal with the problem. It does not help that they are all cagey over the phone when asking why the hell this happened and why the nurse wasn’t concerned about all the blood loss. She just said it was blood and urine, paramedic says pure blood. they’re so dodgy,.


how worrying for you.

Your priority just now is ensuring she gets the best care to get her comfortable, the catheter working and any treatment sorted. I suggest you contact PALS to help you liaise with the ward.

After she has received the treatment she now needs - then you can make an official complaint and get to the bottom of what happened and make sure that nurse doesn’t come to replace her catheter ever again.


They can easily do an ultrasound while she is there. It’s quick and simple, I have had a few as part of a consultation when I had kidney problems. I’ve found the easiest thing to do in situations like this is to ring the CEO’s office, to make “an urgent formal complaint”, then I’ve spoken to his PA and the issue has been sorted. Explain how difficult transport is. Point out that it was an emergency admission by ambulance. Do you have Health and Welfare Power of Attorney? If not, they won’t tell you anything due to " patient confidentiality". Get this sorted as soon as possible if you don’t have it.

Thanks everyone, I actually got to speak to her today and the nurse put me on, she won’t be out today as planned. she was haemorrhaging again last night and found a mass in her womb and they want to test what it is.

Jamie, try to rest this afternoon and evening.
Is visiting allowed?
Did mum take in any toiletries or nighties with her?

Thank you, I was planning on taking it easy to be fair. Yes she has everything she needs as we keep as small bag of essentials for if she has to go to hospital at any point. Unfortunately we can’t go and visit as they aren’t allowing it, but I was lucky today that they put her on for me as they haven’t asked in the past two days, which would have made thing a lot easier tbh,

I just hope it isn’t what they think it is tbh, we lost grandma this year and can’t have my mummy as well

How old is mum?
How old are you?
Does mum own or rent her home?
I know from personal experience what a roller coaster ride this is.

She’s 60 and I’m 22, luckily she owns the house so that’s all good. its just yeah a roller coaster ride tbh.