Caring Full-Time with ADHD

I am posting this new topic because I can’t seem to find anyone else who is a carer but suffers themselves from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (or any other neuro-atypical disorder). Surely I cannot be the only one?!

I am 45 now and as yet undiagnosed by the NHS. I am, however, thankfully just a few months shy of reaching the top of the (three year long) waiting list to have my condition diagnosed and treated with medication.

The thing is, I was a mere eight-year old child when doctors first tried to diagnose my ‘hyperactive’ and ‘unruly’ behaviour. The consultant we saw did, in their infinite wisdom, label me as ‘hyperactive’ but simply told my mother to avoid letting me consume certain E-number food additives, colourings and preservatives. Suffice it to say that the diet minor diet change did nothing to help my ‘poor/disruptive behaviour’. Thankfully however, I only have a matter of a few months to wait for a complete diagnosis and I can finally expect some treatment.

Although I am very familiar with people caring full-time for those who suffer from ADHD themselves I have not yet found any kindred spirits who, like me, are caring for over 35 hours a week for another adult but suffer from the condition themselves.

Any overgrown ADD/ADHD kids out there want to reply so I know I’m not the only one?!

My youngest son, now 42, was hyperactive and could not sleep well. I had to lock him in his bedroom at 11pm then do the housework! He usually woke twice a night for up to an hour, his day started about 5am. Exhausting! Then we started the additive free diet and he slept for up to 14 hours a day for a while as he caught up on his sleep. However, he still had learning difficulties, later diagnosed as brain damage at birth.

Me! I’m caring for my Dad and we all have ADHD. I have the inattentive type with a hyperactive mind rather than hyperactive body. I was diagnosed just over a year ago at 47 years old. I went for an assessment for autism and I almost fell off the chair when he said ADHD. When I started looking into it I could see it so clearly, and in my son, brother & Dad. My daughter shows more autistic traits - she’s my mini me.

My brother and I are just about to start caring for my dad between us and one of the hardest thing to deal with is my brother being unreliable. It’s going to be an interesting time that’s for sure…