Caring from afar

Hello. I never really saw myself as a carer until recently. I live 508 miles away from my mother. She lives with my brother, but I find myself still in the position of having to make phone calls & organise things on her behalf. I’m in a constant state of worry about her whilst also having to cope with a life threatening/limiting illness myself.

Hello & Welcome Elizabeth

Yes, it’s really difficult when you can’t just get in the car and call. Sort a problem and get back to your own home. I have to say the forum doesn’t always have much on this subject.

I do this for some relatives and I make sure every organisation in their area is aware. A needs assessment from the SS is in place and kept undated. Connected to local services i e. O/T’s etc.

There are many local charities who provide visiting volunteers and befriending telephoning services i.e Age UK.

Sorry to read of your own health issues.

I find sometimes we have to step back and somethings can through time be sorted.
I have some family members through no fault of their own. Go in to a panic mode and wanting to sort things immediately. Unless it’s life threatening situation it’s a case of take a breathe. If Mum is with your brother does this not give you some reassurance.