Caring for my wife who has had Alzheimer's for 7 years now

My wife - of 51 years, does not want to accept her worsening condition.
I am reading 2 books -

  1. ‘What Dementia teaches us about love’ by Nicci Gerrard
  2. ‘Contented dementia’ by Oliver James
    The first is a tough one to read, emotionally, but either/both may help other carers, - especially in this extra stressful ‘lockdown’ period.

Hello David, welcome to the forum

Sorry to hear about your wife. Thanks for posting the book recommendations, it’s always useful to see what helps others. There are many people on here in a similar situation to yourself, I’m sure you’ll find some recommendations and support in return.

Best wishes


Hi David,
Thanks for the book tips! :slight_smile:
How are you doing ? Are you getting any help - especially at the moment? Hope you are :slight_smile:

Hi David
I haven’t heard of the first book you mention…but the 2nd Contented Dementia helped me so much in the way I cared for and interacted with my mum in law who lives with us and I care for…
I found Christine Bryden" Dancing with Dementia " very helpful book …she was diagnosed in her 40’s with Alzheimer’s …and is well worth checking out .