Caring for my mum

Hey, I’ve just recently joined this forum

I am currently 19 and a carer for my mum as well as my dad helping to care for my mum , unfortunately in the last year my mums health has deteriorated rather quickly she is now bed bound and been given equipment to assist her such as a hoist and kommode.

In the last few months it has become much harder she is now unable to walk at all as she has lost all sense in her legs and also she is hardly able to communicate verbally and she gets confused very quickly an occasion of this is she forgot who I was the other day and these seems to be a frequent occurrence now.

I feel really stressed and occasional depressed sometimes from everything happening, I have friends who I talk to about it of course they are a big help but they don’t understand the full of extent of everything but I’ve come onto here to find people who have more of better understanding of everything if that makes sense.

Thank you for taking the time to read :smiley:

Hello Chloe & Welcome

Sorry to hear you Mum has deteriorated. Is there any type of outside help in place i.e. cleaning etc.

Has Mum had a needs assessment …
And your and Dad a carers assessment…

The fact you Mum is now bed bound. There should be a lot more support for you all in the home.

NHS continuing healthcare
Some people with long-term complex health needs qualify for free social care arranged and funded solely by the NHS. This is known as NHS continuing healthcare.

Where can NHS continuing healthcare be provided?
NHS continuing healthcare can be provided in a variety of settings outside hospital, such as in your own home or in a care home.


Thank you for replying and the information which you have provided me with. we don’t get help from outside as we have decided to take it on ourselves with everything to make my mum feel more comfortable.

We are getting help from the required people such as her occupational therapist, wheelchair services and many other people.

Hi Chloe,
That policy will end in disaster I’m afraid. You need to think differently.
The more help mum has the longer she can live at home.
All sorts of help is available, if you know who to ask.
What is wrong with mum?

Hello Chloe… I am also a carer for my mum. She is quite severely disabled, but is not bed bound (although sometimes she is). Are you studying or anything at the moment? I work now, I’m 26, but will be able to relate to some of the feelings if you want to chat :smiley: xx