Carers Allowance and Self Employment

Hi, I am looking for some advice about self employment from other members. I claim carers allowance and in October last year I did some self employed work teaching a course over 8 weeks earning £30 per week £240 in total, but spent £80-90 on expenses. I know my earnings are below the threshold. I contacted C/A to inform them and when I I received my first payment they sent me a form out to fill in about earnings, expenses etc. They then suspended my carers allowance and I am still waiting for them to review and make a decision about restarting my payments. Of course this hasn’t come at the best time being over Christmas and my only form of regular income. Is this a normal procedure with self employment, as it’s not regular work i.e not every week, only working when there is a course running, will they keep stopping payments if I work? It really doesn’t seem worth the hassle now, just wanted to earn a little bit extra? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Very surprising as the rules are you can earn £120 per week to be able to claim carers allowance.

Hi Julie.

CA and self employment ( Zero hour contract work not dissimilar ) … a minefield made worse if Universal Credit has been rolled out on your manor.

And yes , stop / start is not uncommon.

Early today , posted a court case ruling on a similar matter under the main Universal Credit thread.

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Very surprising as the rules are you can earn £120 per week to be able to claim carers allowance.

Different ball game if one is self employed.

In accountancy terms , define " Earnings. "

Deductions … for the TaxMan or the DoleMan … or both ?

Whatever level of " Earnings " , a minefield … add on a possible seasonal nature … and all the recipe or a beneits nightmare.

One of my neighbours is both employed ( Of sorts … zero hours contract ) and self employed … needless to say , he is a regular visitor as this manor is under Universal Credit … and I’m learning fast !

Thank for your reply. I certainly think that because the work isn’t regular, it’s going to cause a problem so will have to consider whether it’s worth the hassle!

Problem is Julie , that the current benefits system is yet to catch up with modern working practices.