Carers who lie about mums health

Ok so after a debacle with the last agency we had we changed to another provider. At the start they seemed like a much needed improvement but this didn’t last long at all and the charade was over in a week. Since they’ve started they’ve raised so many concerns in regards to her health to the point where things that she wouldn’t want to happen are being forced upon her. So my mum has spent the last 4 months of her life in hospital as she had pneumonia and sepsis and a lot of bad stuff, but since she’s been home the carers seem to be pushing for another hospitalisation.

To my amazement on Thursday I was told by the carers they’d called an ambulance as she wasn’t breathing, they also told 999 she’d had a seizure. When the paramedics pushed the carers on why they’d called it was because she was struggling swallowing and that was why they’d called. Like why would you do that, they always find an issue with her health with isn’t an issue and ive got a good relationship with her GP who know I always call if I notice anything wrong.

They’re saying they have to, but her last company would just tell us the issue and then let me resolve it. Like it’s got to the point I’m having doctors turn up and we don’t know why. Like honestly what’s the game? I know they don’t like the fact I’m pushing for thing to be done right and correctly and won’t brag about the bush when I think they’re slacking.

I know a couple of the managers don’t like me and half the staff as I say it how I see it. I asked them not to send a particular one after I’d gotten completely fed up of being called names in my own home. She would literally pull paramedics, district nurses and doctors aside and feed them a whole load of lies about I wasn’t doing this, this and this including giving her medication which I do every day, to the point I’m a pharmacist. Her favourite one besides holding back meds is not given her enough fluid because her catheter bag doesn’t have much urine but can’t seem to comprehend her body also uses the water otherwise what would be the point in drinking? I’m just sick of people who think they know mum better than me when I’ve seen it all with her. I’ve told them and the social worker to inform family before calling people out as it’s often normal and being treated but now the issues are getting bigger and bigger to the point of trying to hospitalise her when that’s not what she’d like.

Jamie, keep a record of all this and talk to the GP about your concerns about the care company. I came across a few agencies who, after being questioned by carers, suddenly started making claims of neglect or abuse. I couldn’t say it’s happening here, but it’s one possibility.

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You need to report this to the Care Quality Commission. Carers are there to help you in your caring role, not give you extra problems!

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If this is happening regularly, do as @Charlesh47, @bowlingbun have said but also speak to the safeguarding team as well as this is totally wrong. Some paid carer and care homes regularly get the ambulance services or other health care workers call out just to get out of looking after the person. They get paid either way but never get brought to account as we do where they should.

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My mum had to complain to CQC about her care. It was dealt with very well, turned out there were lots of other complainants, all ended up on the front page of the local paper. Systems were changed and the service greatly improved. If they are doing this to your mum, it will be happening to others too. Some may not have a concerned relative. In speaking up, you will be helping them too.

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I have her GP coming today and raise this with them, I’ve tried to raise it with the social and company but there excuse is they have to do it because of safety. It’s just plain bizarre and never had another company like it.

Yeah but they don’t do anything. I’ve reported her old company to them for dropping her on her head whilst hoisting because they didn’t strap a strap and fell on her head. Her head, neck and back were black for weeks after and spent a week in hospital but nothing came of the complaint and I know they’d also had another complaint from a different client with the cqc at the exact same time yet they didn’t do anything.

Trust me Ive complaint to everybody whom regulates these all the way up to the department of health and social care about another neglect company and nothing got done or change. All the home care providers near me are utter rubbish and none have been any good. It would just help if they left her health needs to myself so that I know everything and nothing is being missed but since this company started they’ve absolutely messed up how I deal with her health. I’m just lsick of having to clean up all the crap that comes with them being in the house. I’d honestly think it would be better if I just did it myself as they’re causing more issues than solving solutions and two of them think they know her condition (multiple sclerosis with dementia and tia’s), and use this as to say she had no capacity (she does) and use that to their advantage by doing stuff they shouldn’t. Bear in mind I’m in the next room unaware that she was even sick until they’d called 999, I really don’t understand why they seem to think that they can do whatever because they see her as having no capacity despite her dr believes that she’s perfectly aware, yes she may be confused but she understands and can make a choice or ask someone what they think. At the same time though she’s been off food recently and she says she not hungry so don’t bother trying, surely if she doesn’t have capacity they should at least try to get some food down her but instead say it’s her choice but when she says no to ambulance or dr a no is yes as no capacity. It makes no sense and seems to be what’s most convenient for them than what’s best for mum. One likes to female dog about me and as soon as I put her in her place and tell her not to come to my house and lie about me behind my back yet be all smiles when she there with her fake hello. Pfft pathetic woman, same one that fabricates stories and lies.