Carers UK media coverage during the coronavirus outbreak

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During the coronavirus outbreak, Carers UK is securing regular coverage in the national and regional media. All of the television, radio, online and print media coverage will be shared in this topic.

Where possible we will alert members to interviews in advance of when they are happening. However, interviews are often arranged at short notice and this isn’t always possible. Where this is the case, we will share a link to the media coverage with you as soon as possible after it takes place.

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Below are links to some of Carers UK’s appearances in the media relating to coronavirus during the week beginning 30 March:

On Monday Carers UK’s Chief Executive Helen Walker was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’ programme about the impact of the coronavirus on carers. You can hear Helen through the link below and going to 30 minutes and 40 seconds.

On Wednesday Helen Walker was also interviewed on BBC news about the impact of the coronavirus on carers. In the interview she responds to some of the issues that have been raised on the Forum, including Carer’s Allowance, the value of carers to our society and issues being experienced by carers at supermarkets. You can view the interview on YouTube through this link:

A pre-recorded interview with Fiona Collie, Policy and Public Affairs Manager at Carers Scotland, was also aired on STV on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, this article was featured in the Daily Express:
Coronavirus crisis: Time to help forgotten army of unpaid carers

On Friday morning Carers UK’s Director of Policy and Public Affairs Emily Holzhausen spoke on BBC Radio Solent’s breakfast show about reduced social care support carers are already experiencing and where they can turn to for support.

Carers UK’s guidance on contingency planning was featured in numerous regional news bulletins throughout the week.

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A further update on media coverage over the weekend:

On Saturday 4 April the i newspaper featured an article on alleviating stress for carers and people with dementia.

Also on Saturday, 145 local news publications featured an article on British Gas engineers delivering food parcels to people in need. The article describes what British Gas is doing to support the Trussell Trust and Carers UK during the coronavirus outbreak. The following article is from the South Yorkshire Times:

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Good morning - here’s the latest update on Carers UK’s media coverage relating to the impact of the coronavirus on carers.

Our guidance for carers on changes to Carer’s Allowance, plus a quote from our Chief Executive Helen Walker, were included in an article in the Daily Express online:

Our guidance for carers on looking after their wellbeing when caring for someone with dementia appeared in three regional newspapers (the Hartlepool Mail, the Sheilds Gazette and the Sunderland Echo).

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Latest media coverage involving Carers UK includes this article in the Manchester Evening News on how the coronavirus pandemic is putting ‘immense pressure’ on carers - the article includes a quote from Carers UK’s Chief Executive Helen Walker

21 local articles also referred to Carers UK’s guidance on contingency planning and guidance for carers on looking after your health and wellbeing - this can be found here:

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The article below was featured in Happiful magazine yesterday and addresses ‘How to support someone who is shielding from coronavirus’. As you will see, it contains a link to our online Forum.

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Our ‘Caring behind closed doors’ report was launched on the BBC television news at 6pm yesterday evening and also featred on the 10 o’ clock news. The report is based on the findings of a survey of over 5,000 carers conducted in early April (thanks to everyone who completed this survey). The news feature includes a story of a woman caring for her severely disabled daughter and a statement from our Chief Executive Helen Walker.

You can see the BBC feature on our report on the BBC i-player until 6.30pm this evening (it’s on at 23 minutes into the following link):

Several print and online newspapers have also covered the key findings from the report:
The Guardian

The Times (you have to be a subscriber to the Times to see the online version, but it is also in the print version on page 9)

The Daily Mail (page 8 in the print version and online)

The Express (page 8 and 9)

If you have any comments or questions on the report, please post them in the following topic:

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Extensive coverage of our ‘Caring behind closed doors’ report continued over the weekend in the Daily Mail online on Saturday:

Our research was also covered in a rolling update on the Evening Standard website, as well as in the following publications in the social care sector:

The Carer

Home Care


The Scotland research was featured in and Third Force News.

Our Northern Ireland research was featured this morning in Daily Mirror Ulster and Belfast Live (see link):

And finally, we had some great news last week when the short film about caring that was made in collaboration with British Gas was awarded ‘Charity Film of the Year’ at an online awards ceremony. This award was featured in Third Force News and the Rooftop:

To see the ‘Share that you care’ video please visit the British Gas web page below:

And to read and perhaps comment on the ‘Caring behind closed doors’ report, please visit this topic on the Forum:

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Here are a few media updates from the past couple of days.

This morning Carers UK volunteer Jacqui was featured on BBC Breakfast talking about how online chats have helped her during the coronavirus outbreak. The feature also includes a short interview with our Chief Executive Helen Walker. You can find it at 19 minutes through the following link:

Also today, Carers UK was mentioned in an online Express article explaining Personal Independence Payments:

Carers UK’s win (in collaboration with British Gas) at the Charity Film Awards was featured in a BFI article:

An article in The National (Scotland) today included Carers Scotland’s comments on Nicola Sturgeon’s response to a National reporter’s question about reduction in support for unpaid carers because of coronavirus.

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Here are some further media highlights from the past few days.

Our Chief Executive Helen Walker spoke on BBC South Today about our ‘Caring behind closed doors’ report (see link below, 4mins 10secs in) and on ITV Calendar (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire) 6pm news.

Helen was also quoted in an i News story and was interviewed on LBC News about the open letter and the findings in our report.

We co-signed an open letter to MPs written by Oxfam on the poverty crisis facing carers during the pandemic which has been covered extensively by the media. It was featured in the Scottish Sun, Scottish Metro, Scottish Times, Daily Record, The Scotsman, Belfast Telegraph and Evening Express, and also in Western Mail in Wales. There was further coverage in the Independent, Politics Home, Evening Express, Wales Online, Courier and Advertiser, Press and Journal (Aberdeen), Bolton News, Wigan Evening News and a few other regional websites.

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Here are some media highlights from the past week which feature Carers UK:

  • There was mention of our recent research on the impact of the coronavirus on carers on the BBC Asian Network and how caring and mental health isn’t openly talked about in Asian communities

  • Our comment on the Scottish Government’s plans to introduce a coronavirus supplement to Carer’s Allowance is included in a news story on the Big Issue’s website
  • Our Director of Policy and Public Affairs Emily Holzhausen was quoted in a Guardian article on the specific challenges for parents of severely disabled children at the moment.
  • The Sheffield Star and Sheffield Telegraph have covered Carers UK’s concerns about unpaid carers not having access to PPE, quoting segments from this particular section of our Caring Behind Closed Doors report.

  • The activity of one of our fundraisers Martine was mentioned in the Burnley Express, and Jon Siddall’s climbing challenge was included in the Hampstead and Highgate Express. Jon also spoke about it on BBC Radio London.

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Here are some recent highlights of Carers UK media coverage in relation to the impact of coronavirus on carers:

On 31 May an excerpt from Penny Wincer’s experience of caring was published in the Mail on Sunday (p18 and online) and at the bottom it references Carers Week and her new book. A similar article appeared in You magazine. Penny will be joining one of our Carers Week Care for a Cuppa sessions to read extracts from her book on Thursday 11 June.

On 28 May our Chief Executive Helen Walker was interviewed by Winifred Robison on Radio 4’s You and Yours programme about how people’s caring roles have changed during the pandemic.

On 27 May Carers UK’s finding from our recent research that 70% of unpaid carers are providing more care during the pandemic was mentioned on Channel 4 news.

The latest edition of Closer magazine covers our research and encouraged people to donate to or fundraise for Carers UK.

Care Talk published a blog by our Chief Executive Helen Walker on how care professionals can get involved in Carers Week.

The New Statesman published an article online on ‘Why carers need a new deal’ which included lots of Carers UK statistics:

My Weekly are running a special on Carers Week and dedicated an entire page to resources for carers (mostly Carers UK resources), including our Forum.

Our DIrector of Policy and Public Affairs Emily Holzhausen gave an interview on ITV Calendar on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

And finally, Carers UK fundraiser Martine Manning received coverage of her fundraising efforts in the Burnley Express. The article includes a video of Martine having her head shaved!

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We had some fantastic media coverage during Carers Week. Here are a few of the highlights.

The main Carers Week report was featured in the Times - see below for the report (the article can only be seen online if you have a subscription)

Penny Wincer’s new book, ‘Tender: the imperfect art of caring’ was featured in the Telegraph. Penny also joined our Care for a Cuppa online meet-up on 11 June to read several extracts from the book.

Carers UK’s Chief Executive Helen Walker and Director of Policy and Public Affairs Emily Holzhausen were interviewed on Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’, BBC Breakfast, Channel 5 News, and several regional TV stations to talk about the Carers Week report.

In Scotland the Health Minister mentioned Carers Week in her briefing yesterday and the Scottish Govt’s announcement of funding for young carers was covered in the Scotsman and up to 30 other publications.

The Director of Carers Wales Claire Morgan was interviewed on ITV Wales and on Carers World Radio. There was also coverage in the South Wales Evening Post and Wales online.

In Northern Ireland the launch of ID cards by the Department of Health received widespread coverage (e.g. BBC Newsline (Digital), Ulster Herald, BBC Radio Ulster).

And finally, this week The Guardian published an article highlighting Carers UK research which found that 100,000 carers have been forced to use food banks since the start of the lockdown. The article featured quotes from our Chief Executive Helen Walker and included Carers UK’s call for an increase in Carers Allowance and a coronavirus supplement to paid to carers who are in receipt of Carer’s Allowance.

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Here are the links to our press releases for the last few weeks:

4 August
Covid-19 leaves unpaid carers without physical and mental health treatment

31 July
Carers UK urges support for carers as shielding restrictions are eased

28 July
Carers UK launches Recovery Plan for carers