Carers threatening to withdraw care (new)

I have a number of issues regarding a package initiated by Fast track. The main issue is the withdraw. On the 11th July 2012 having visited my mother at 04:00 in the morning, we found uninvited carers from the Carers Trust who had entered her house.

For some strange reason I thought this was a good intent and allowed them to continue. The hours that followed, my mother started shouting for them to leave as she is bed bound. Instead, they telephone a paramedic who got my mother admitted into hospital because of her elevated blood pressure. Before they did this, they made sure that her bed was dismantled by the aid of the Red Cross. There were obvious signs of dementia although not confirmed because the doctors had refused to discuss my mother’s ailments to me. Her medical history was only gratified after the PoA after which was contained about 40 pages of pure gossip about me for wanting her to remain at home. So much so, that although I had lived with her for 65 years I was regarded as a Safeguarding Issue because I wanted her to have a wheelchair and was told that she must now die in bed despite having walked up hills on holiday and doing her sewage drains. Saying that from 2008 it was impossible for her to sit up because of a degenerated hip after a fall. She now scream from mental torment being kept in that bed day and night for 3 years . The Caldicott Guardian did her best to ensure that her medical records would never be revealed to either myself or my mother.

I will carry on from paragraph 1

It was realised at hospital that my mother had normal blood pressure but kept her in for more observations stating a Duty of Care and the well being of the patient and although I had PoA I could not over ride that.
Once in hospital my mother refused to eat as a protest to go back home after which she was kept there for over two weeks,
In hospital, they had intent to take her into a care home as this seemed to make sense because she was a home owner.

It was with great difficulty and the compassion of a doctor that she was eventually sent home having lost about one stone in weight . Her previous care package which was good was relinquished by the hospital and Fast track put into place saying she had months to live.

Hence finally realising that apart from her dementia there was nothing really wrong with her as life threatening and Fast track Carers Trust began decreasing their care plan as my mother began putting weight back on.

Whilst looking after her, they would laugh and share jokes with one another whist she was screaming in pain after being tossed and turned during pad changing. Having mentioned that this was disrespectful and could they not laugh in future whilst hearing my mum screaming, one of the carers stormed out into the street and started yelling down her phone.

Things started getting worse as my mother’s care started deteriorating because they were rushing all the time, kept moving her food tray out of the way and would leave pots in the sink unwashed.

The last straw came when they started writing bad reports about what my mother had said to them. That she was insulting, rude and aggressive. In one respect my mother has dementia with no mental capacity making out that she is not capable of her thoughts and then taking her thoughts as to count. Her log book is a legal document and these reports could have my mother sectioned.

So I told Fast track that I wanted a new package putting in place by initiating Social Services. Social Services tell me that because Fast track are a care agency that they could not intervene. Fast track disagreed. It was that reason I asked both organisations to get together by telephone and to sort this out for me. Stating that I did not want my mother left high and dry without care as I wanted the Cares Trust replacing.
The last thing what I heard from Social Services was that Fast track were providing a replacement

I turned up the next morning to find no carers as they had taken their services away as what appeared to be a punishment for both me and my mother.

When I complained, I had the phone put down on me at least three times but finally got her care sorted. In fact had it not been for my doubts about her care, my mother would have been left to rot in that bed and would probably have got an infection.

Fast track then accused me of telling the care Agency to leave. That was not entirely true.
I understood that care agencies have a duty of care and have to work in the best interest of a person, yet how could they leave a so called dying person in this state of neglect?

I also understood that even IF a did tell them to go which I did not, that duty of care means that they have a duty to ensue that the person is kept safe and cannot just go.

It is an uphill situation and one I cannot win. They seem to do what they like .This new care agency we now have are excellent.

My post may need altering by moderators because I have mentioned company names. If that is the case please remove any names which may not be allowed.


You seem to think Fast Track is an agency. Not so.
If your relative is entitled to “Fast Track” Continuing Healthcare, i.e. free care arranged by and provided for by the NHS, go back to the person responsible within the NHS. They are arranging and paying for the care, they are responsible for sorting it out.
Anyone who just doesn’t turn up to spite you needs reporting to CQC immediately!

Thanks Bowlingbun,

It literally becomes a nightmare.

There are all kinds of ‘red tape’ put into place to stop family complaining.
I must say that I was pretty much annoyed having visited my mum on Wednesday morning to find that her care package had been relinquished and my mum would have remained unfed and abandoned in that caged bed for hours had I not visited her that morning.

In reality it was a callus thing to do and just showed the hypocritical values of that organisation.

The plan was also to get me ‘fired up’ and although I never swear or am aggressive, they found plenty reasons to slam the phone down on me. It is beyond belief how any person could even think about doing anything like that especially when someone’s life is in danger. Having first complained to the organisation, what they do is route round the problem by saying they are trying to resolve the problem and that me being on the phone is stopping them working.

After phoning up the second time, they said it was my fault for not wanting them. This still goes against the principles of Duty of Care from which they are responsible as to ensure that there is a replacement before they pull out. As stated in my previous post, I had repeatedly asked them not to ‘pull out’

Then they say: “Ahhh…you have got the Power of Attorney and told us to go.” Yes I did but not before a substitute package was put into place through Social Services which they could not do because my mother was now on Free track’s ledgers.
It was Social Services who told me that Fast track were sorting out another care agency as I assumed would run concurrently from the last package.

I had already contacted the CQC who must allow 12 weeks to deal with the problem after allowing me to writing to Fast track or the Carers Trust. In retrospect, CQC are not really interested in the problem and rely on these bodies to solve the issue.

They know all the tricks and what seems to happen is that the mob rules. It is not a case of right or wrong, but how many of them are against you. There are too many people leaving care homes with this Covid 19 for all concerned to worry about who pays bills. All they care for is a simply flow. The system will kill you unless you find agencies who understand. It is all about money and stems from different hierarchy levels in the Health Care system.

The lower down ‘drones’ as I think of them are really just concerned about doing their job and going home to get paid… The middle hierarchy are the upper management like the Caldicott Guiardian who only come when ‘stomping sounds are heard’

They have to gratify the first hierarchy which are well hidden as what I term as Big Brother. These are the ones we never hear about and control both the QCQ, ombudsman and all the NHS subsidiaries under the NHS umbrella. The Home Office perhaps?
The system works to protect itself and I do not believe that the core of this activity cares about its senior citizens

It is to do with money and my view is that they will always try and put people into care homes if they are wealthy enough.

The aim is to keep your head above water and not to relax your defences, as I had done when they (care agency) invaded in the early hours on 11th July 2012

Complaining is futile and the individual can never win .
I wrote my case to pass on what I had learnt.My mother was given months to live. That was years ago . Once they start injecting people it becomes a downhill spiral and as I do not believe in unnecessary drug use.My mother has a healthy heart beat of around 72 bpm and BP of 140/80. A perfect cardiograph so why do they want to give her heart tablets at 93 years old? (I have this in writing) I am a condemned man. They want me out of the way and so far they have failed. Instead they move about in shadows, trespassing in the early hours, but once the person is in hospital no PoA will have any effect and they do what they wish.Unless you find a sympathetic doctor.

I am sorry for my view point as I would have loved to believe more positive.


For the moment, focus on what is desperately important.
Mum having care when she needs it.
Does mum have an advocate?
Do you have an advocate?
If not, ask SSD to provide you with a 2014 Care Act Advocate. They must do this.
Does mum have over £23,000 in savings?
If so, use some of it to go to a specialist solicitor to fight this out for you.

Hi there…

!) Mum is having care when she needs it. She now has an agency that is properly looking after her 4 times a day.

  1. I am her advocate. PoA has limited worth as long the doner remains in her property. Hospital services (call them what you wish, they are all the same under one umbrella) know that the only way that they can have power over her, is to swoop in the early hours and once in hospital there is little that the PoA can do. They are clever, crafty and know all the tricks. To them it is a full time job and all about saving money. From the hospital they can discharge into either care or nursing homes and once in there the patient is lost. I suggest anyone in a care home-try discharging yourself. You cannot. They will throw everything that they have at you including a duty of care and ‘in the best interest of the patient’ If that was genuine, I would have no qualms.
    They think about themselves in case they get sued etc. Nor are they bothered if a person is driven absolutely crazy having to remain in bed 24/7. All they care about are slight bruising. What goes on in the head does not exist to them because it cannot be measured.
    SSD (Solid State Drive?) She has all night care but they withdrew it on the basis that she was not going to die after all. Last night she had dirtied herself and I am going to give the hospice a call to see if they can pop in the night. What do you think?

  2. Yes she does have over £23,000 but I could get into trouble if I start dipping into her wealth with my PoA.
    This way they can hurt and I dare not even claim care allowance.

Regards George

George, as you have POA no one else has any right to know what you are doing with mum’s money. You must spend it on mum, in mum’s best interests. Who do you think would cause trouble?

Hello Bowingbun

George, as you have POA no one else has any right to know what you are doing with mum’s money. You must spend it on mum, in mum’s best interests. Who do you think would cause trouble?

It goes back a long way and also concerns family dynamics. Without being contemptuous, I am not the most lovable of people. Mainly because I had suffered unemployment in my youth and was scorned by relatives and family members. They seem to get it into their heads that anyone deprived of work has to be desperate for money.

Hatred goes a long way, and to be honest with you, when a person gets ‘old’, many families send their elder relatives into care homes because they cannot be bothered to look after them. When this happens and you love your mother and try and do what she wanted you to, they hate you more because they see their own failure. This of course does not apply to the majority of families. In certain cases it gets beyond being able to care for a family member.

When my mother had mental capacity, she consulted a solicitor as to allow me to be her attorney and it had cost her over £1000. She also had a witness. Then my brother came along and forged a letter to cancel it with the Public Guardian.

You may say that this is fraud and it was, but it is impossible to get a solicitor involved with family disputes. With the help of Social Services, my mother was interviewed and granted authorisation to apply again. This time successfully.

In another respect, I am a ‘Dead Man Walking’ because I had not only infuriated hospital staff but also family who are more concerned about their inheritance.

You have explained the various organisations involved in health care etc but in reality there is only ONE. That is the N?S controlled by the Home Office where all these self made fragments are there to confuse. Above all this you have Big Brother.

Big Brother as I explained works above anything on this forum. All you will read here are things on the LOWER LEVELS.

Bear in mind that as a person gets older, family supports starts to die. When you get someone who is 93 years old, all this love has gone. Life goes on but death does not. Folks drawing money from the sate are a burden and anyone past the age of 80 years old can drain funding levels exponentially. I am not saying that they kill you (not directly and certainly not intentionally at these lower levels), but let us say just hinder your growth.
Mum had been put on heart tablets with a perfect heart (confirmed in writing)

Despite what most will say, the state does not want people to have health care at home. Oh yes they do when they have no money, but when you are rich. they know that once you are put in a care home they can suck you dry and eventually make you sell your home.

I explained in my first post about my mother’s medical history. Of course they did not want this releasing because it contained discrimination, libel and personal false accusations about me.

Why is that you may say?

That is because I had challenged the system

In other words, I used my right of free speech to say that I disagreed.
By doing this, I became an obstacle between my mother taken to a care home and my fight to give her life back at home… They call it a safe guarding issue.In other words they want you gone-out of the way
This is why they came in the early hours of the morning to steal her away from me. Making sure that her bed was dismantled and that her current care package would be terminated as to have nothing to come back to.

They cannot take my mother whilst she is at home and I am there unless under extreme circumstances. Her log book together with her medical history acts as court evidence
Already my life has been made miserable as I would never be able to find employment, jury service or have any proactive life.

I have not been convicted of anything through court, but they do it legally by opinionated writing. Oh agreed I can place an addendum but what good is that against thirty brainwashed signatures?

Now down to your question:

I have hurt the authorities badly and when my mother passes away, they will come back at me. That is why I make sure that I have every single receipt for all the things that I had paid for out of her account. Although I do all this in her best interest, I can make mistakes for example using the money to buy her a remote surveillance camera as to check if she is okay. I cannot do this I have now been told. .

Folks make think that all this is imagination but I will tell you this:
Go into a hospital to see a loved one and you will notice nothing unusual. In reality you will find about a dozen eyes surveying you 100% of the time. Watching your every move and noting every single word that you say. They watch your clothing, what you look at and even spy on your letters. You will go back home thinking nothing had happened unless you cross them. Contained in my mother’s medical history are about 40 pages of damning reports about me including that they must not discuss my mother and what is wrong with her.

My friends and I came across Big Brother back in 1965 when all this was about 1% to what it is now. My friend whilst in hospital had a bugging device placed in his ear that fell out some forty years later after poking about with a pencil. He describes it as tetrahedron black none organic small implant with a fine thread attached. He became a head lecturer in later life but still remembers this ordeal.In my previous profession as a computer engineer, I had come across many interesting people. One of which was Dr Armen Victorian who wrote the Book Mind Controllers.

I was interested to read what you mentioned about solicitors. Are you prepared to give details of any?
I had tried the Law Society and out of possibly 50, they do not get involved in these matters. Mainly for fear of dealing with the NHS. From my experience a solicitor can get struck off based on ‘Professional Misconduct’

There are laws in place but normally there is a small condition and that is you have to die first. Admitted, doctors can cut the wrong leg off by mistake but then you have to find the leg for evidence. Having one sock too many is never good enough.

Alright I am being funny but sometimes you have to laugh or you cry.



I had done some more work today to stop these things happening and have even contacted QCC and it is the same old story of ‘goalposts being moved around’ and the QCC passing me onto to PALS and so on.

The system works in the following way:
They have to reply to your letter within 6 months before you can complain to the Ombudsman. How do they get around this one? They ignore your letter so after 6 months the Ombudsman as you have no official letter from the organisation concerned your complaint is regarded as a fail. You can have a registered delivery and they still ignore you by literally pointing out to the ombudsman that it was not them.Round and round it goes.

Nor will solicitors get involved and the reason for this, is that there has to be evidence that can be produced to the court. For example, had I not intervened and saved my mum, she would have died. The fact that she did not die meant that the matter had been resolved and there is no evidence that can be subjected for a hearing.

Had she died then they would have counter accused me of telling them to go and as there would be no funds then they would leave. I did not get rid of them but merely asked for different carers to replace the current ones. The problem is to prove it.

As I said before, the system protects itself and I bet out of dozens of concerns and wrong doings about care on this forum that nothing gets resolved.

Having said all that, I found where ‘the heart’ is. Deep down in all the N?S junk it is called ‘The Trust’ The rest are the legs, lungs, arms etc. Get the heart and you get the N?S.Have a few thousand pounds in your pocket perhaps about 40K and that will wet the appetite of any solicitor.

I am still working on it as I will be blowed if they are going to do to others what they did to me and my mum.

Anyway, I think this is all.
Just to mention, I am also a parapsychologist and I can see that I am George_2008. This happens all the time as so called coincidences. 2008 is when this all started.We do not believe in coincidence, things happen for a reason.

Good luck everyone

Please let me explain, George.

The number suffixed to your user name is a date code, comprising year and month. So in your case it mean that you joined this forum in August 2020. If your problems started in 2008 then yes this is a coincidence. Nothing to do with “Big Brother”.

As another example, my name suffix is 1610, meaning I joined the forum in October 2016. It does not mean that my “problems” began in the year 1610!

You can change your user name if you wish and the new name will be applied to all your existing posts.

Well…I am sorry to disagree.

Things do happen for a reason.
Let me give you an example.

I started off poor and am now quite rich and own a few houses.

One house which we own is in the country and is approaching half a million pounds. When folks meet me, it is a like a ‘fizz-bang’
Everyone is psychic and although we may term things as ‘body language’ this is not always the case. People feel uncomfortable just being next to me without even speaking or doing anything wrong.

One instance was when we moved into our country home. We brought the house for peace and quiet whilst the neighbour 600 yds away wanted his for parties and making a lot of disturbances which would not have been tolerated in the city.

Things started going wrong when our door bell started ringing mainly in the evenings whilst we watched TV. Our house is in the middle of nowhere. When we checked our CCTV there was no one there. The only indications were this same neighbour either arriving or leaving his home-walking and even by car about one minute later.
In other words this connection built up with the neighbour and ourselves whilst we were on good terms. After being smoked out, late parties, chain sawing and parking on our driveway we sought court action to cut a long story short.

It got pretty bad and legal costs escalated above £40,000. Again we were losing our property and had to fight for it but were told by the authorities (as they laughed) that our case would be thrown out of court. Still we pursued and the reason was that I did NOT believe in coincidence and trusted my spirit guides.

Still our doorbell would start ringing up to 4 times a day for about three month and every time it rang, the neighbour would be about 100 yds away. Light bulbs would started popping and it cost us a lot in replacement bulbs. When he got near our property our burglar alarm would trigger whilst switched off.
It came to a point when our barrister could not fulfil the court schedule with the judge. As it was an injunction, it was imperative that it had to be done straight away.

I took over from my barrister by visiting the court to arrange convenient dates for both parties but the staff were not available.
Walking back home I realised that their phones were still manned and passing the library decided to ask to use the computers to find the court telephone number. I needed my user name and password which the librarian wrote down on a piece of paper.
I still was not able to get through. By this time I needed a coffee to unwind so I visited McDonalds

Opening my wallet I had to remove that bit of paper with my user name and password to get to a £5 note. On the back of that piece of paper were the words in bold type as can be seen on my attachment.

What that is telling me, is to get the court case sorted or a penalty would come into effect where I would have to pay the full court cost.

Three days before the court hearing my girlfriend had this (Phone1.jpg)

The actual day it went to court, my doorbell rang by itself for the very last time but instead of playing the normal ‘ding-dong’ four times it instead played The Bells of St Clements (Oranges and Lemons)

We had won!

It is only recently after watching the film ‘1984’ By George Orwell that I understood the rhyme.

I quote:-

Merry song Oranges and Lemons has a meaning which is anything but.
There’s no doubt that there are sinister undertones to this kids’ classic as the lyrics are littered with references to the criminal justice system.
In the words, there’s mention of “the bells of Old Bailey” and the “chopper to chop off your head”.
Worryingly, in the 17th Century, the sound of bells chiming would signal the time for a criminal to be executed.

We won our house back but next was trouble at the hospital not allowing mum her medical history. I had got in touch with our MP and literally forgot about writing to her.

Our door bell started ringing by itself again about 10 times in 3 days. This time playing the sounds of a clock chiming.
Big Ben sitting outside The Houses of Parliament regarding mum’s MP.

She won her right to her medical history.

So we talk about coincidences…well if I did not challenge that, I would be £40,000 worse off and mum would not be around.



George. We are entitled to disagree.

Yes, things do happen for a reason. And coincidences do happen.

I have explained why your name is suffixed 2008. If you don’t trust my judgement, based on observations I have made over the nearly four years I have been a member, you can check it with the forum administrators.

What are we arguing about?

All I am saying is that there is no such thing as coincidences.
That is my opinion.

As psychic researches we believe everything happens for a reason.
Whether we can apply our diagnosis straight away is not really nullifying the things that come up.

_Many believe that Fate or Mystery, or the Universe or God, causes coincidences. Their faith in something Greater provides them with a cause. Since God causes them, the cause is known. Therefore, there are no coincidence_s.

In mathematics Level 3 MSc level it is called ‘Random Numbers’ but that is their belief.
We also have ‘Binomial Distribution’
It means that there are two possible distributions which can be argued.

The fact that proves that there are no coincidences is what is termed as the ‘Double Slit Experiment’ proven by science to show that matter is influenced by energy.

I quote:

_It also suggests that the act of observing, of measuring, a quantum system has a profound effect on the syste_m.

If we can accept that mind interferes with matter, it can be shown that the universe is balanced in respect that the quantum behaviour of particles and configuration-ie: random interaction of directive flow through happenings, then it shows that there are no coincidences.

Whether you or anyone else does not believe, it is a matter of choice.
We then have Post hoc, ergo propter hoc referring to logical fallacy with the former event causing the latter which I am sure that you know all about. Numerous experiments have proved that if an individual believes in the efficacy of a treatment (as we probably have on this forum) it is likely to have an effect on them.

Once we establish the basis of our hypothesis we have our binomial system of duel possibilities meaning that we either see 2008 being relevant or we do not.

The factual prognosis on this level is literally based on belief.
That be my point.


Good day, George. Judging by your property assets and court victories, it sounds to me as though you are a successful, self-made man, and I respect you for that.

However this thread is now well off-topic. Please understand that my prime purpose of contributing to this forum is to try to be helpful to others in need. Since I wish to direct my energies in that direction, I don’t wish to post any further comments to this thread.

I will happily read your other discussions on this forum and even try to help you if appropriate, as indeed I would try to help anyone.

I am a successful self made man because I made it that way.
You sound a bitter man???
Why is that?
I am bitter for a reason because they system is destroying my mother.

We all achieve our goals and succeed where we put our aims .I am ONE they are many

If I can try and get back on track the only way that I can be helpful is by letting others know from my opinion and experience what a horrible lot of people these so called carers are.

My advice is to stay away from them as much as anyone can because most are full of hypocrisy, pretence and twist the laws to suit themselves.

As for caring…sorry!

I do not think that YOU can help me…but perhaps I can help others by exposing these so called carers.

If you think that I am angry you are correct…it is called human emotion and comes about when I see these carers cheat the system. They are not only false but will normally hurt if you go against them.
In my possession I have dozens of manuscripts which I am not allowed to publish because of data protection as administered for private reading. The results would shock many.

My advice is that people who rely on these carers to do what they are told. In most cases patients(if that is the correct word) will simply be ignorant of their potential power.
My point is simple…go along with them and you will most likely have a short life. Go against them like I have and all hell breaks loose.
It breaks loose because they realise that you are wiser and will try and get you out of the way.
There is no one on this earth that can explain to me why carers creep into my mother’s house at 04:30 in the morning, dismantle her bed and send her to hospital. Thinking too well that there will be no one around.
It becomes a real sham when I finally stop them putting her in a care home I bring her back home and they finally withdraw and leave her to rot in her own excrement, spilled drinks in bed and no food or drink for 12 hours.

Okay-fine- I deserve it let them punish me more, but why take it out on my mother???

So what do they do? They produce absolute lies by saying that I shoved a spoon down her mouth and hence have got the safeguarding unit against me. Which in turn can get my PoA removed as to give them a gateway to have her either sectioned or moved to a a permanent care home! Ahh…they know too well that the PoA (being more or less a worthless piece of paper but still has a small say would act against them) would slow them down.

MONEY… That’s what it is all about Denis and I think you know this as well as I do. You mention success. Yes I am also rich with many houses and that scares me to death having these vipers at my death bed in years to come.

Like the case with my mother. They left her stranded. There is not a law that can touch them because they congregate false witnesses and produce falsified documents which stand up in court as evidence.
If you do your research closely which you have not, you will realise that you can call all the SSDs ombudsmen and whatever and you will find that they will never prosecute. Money again…

Go to a solicitor and if you have done your research, you will realise that no solicitor would dare tackle The Trust (if you can find it?)
Why is that?

It is called: ‘Professional Misconduct’ In other words they know that they will lose and if tackling other cases they will get struck off. Now challenge that!

Ahh…you will say…there have been many successful case won. Not so my friend and you know why?

Chop the wrong leg off and you may sue whoever performed the operation. What most people do not realise with carers, is that THERE IS NO ACTUAL DAMAGE.

So how do you sue that which is not there?
Take the cares…where is the evidence? You have to die first and in most cases with adult care, elder relatives are put into care homes because there is no one to care for them.

You think that we have a caring society?

LOL…society cares little for the elderly because they are no good to them anymore.
EMPATHY Denis not caring…yea bit of sympathy maybe.
I have ten box folders above my desk filled with complaints to every health organisation and you know how may many agree with me?

Not one!
Go to the ombudsman you may say.
Lol…firstly you have to write to the organisation concerned like the SSD. The plan is to ignore your letter even if registered. After 6 months your complaint to the ombudsman is void. They had got you. I believe that it has now altered to 12 months? Some say different.