Carers Ireland Manifesto

I have just had a look at the Manifesto for Carers Ireland, where there is going to be an election.

It includes

removing the means test for Carers Allowance
the right to 4 weeks respite.

I think it would be really helpful for family carers in the UK to have a similar “manifesto”.

What do you think? What should be included?

Just looking at the Irish General Election , 2016 , and what the political parties were offering :

All political parties bending over backwards to gain the carer vote.

For example … Fine Gael … until the 2020 election , one of the two major parties in Ireland :

Fine Gael

• Implement in full the National Carers’ Strategy
• Increase Carer’s Allowance and Carer’s Benefit by €20 per week by 2021
• Standardise the delivery of home care services
• Involve family carers in care planning together with more accessible training and respite
• Increase home help provision by 2.2 million hours
• Increase the number of Home Care Packages
• Develop new technologies and solutions to help people remain independent in their home
• Increase funding to the Housing Adaptation Scheme to €66m by 2021.

Carers Ireland manifesto for the recent one :

A lot less than our one … less over there to fix !

As for our manifesto … a simple " Fix this lot " … as aptly laid out by our very own Lord Kitch :

Nothing on respite care … yet … bad enough when we ask the question " What emergency cover ? "

Slogan ?

" No carer should be in poverty as a direct result of caring ! "