Carer's Assessment

Hi everyone
I have just joined the Forum . My circumstances are that I care for my partner who has COPD and mobility issues.
He is now unwilling/scared/unable to leave one room and has had a commode for several years. He is getting visits from a physiotherapist to try to encourage him to walk more.
I have requested a second Carer’s Assessment having had one a couple of years ago but am not sure what help or assistance they could provide. I do not qualify for Carer’s Allowance and already carry a Carer’s card.

I feel embarrassed because I know that my caring duties are very light compared to other peoples. It is just that recently I have felt depressed and anxious. I get frustrated because I believe my partner could be much better if he tried to overcome his fears

Hi Christine, welcome to the forum,

You have fallen headlong into the “I don’t do much” trap! You are doing far, far more than you realise!
Who does his shopping, cooking, empties his commode, etc. etc.?!

My mum had hyperostosis, often misdiagnosed as spondylitis, the characteristics are very similar, it is heart breaking to see someone decline. What support does your caree have?

When was he last assessed by an Occupational Therapist to see if he needed a hospital bed to make it easier to get in and out of, a wheelchair, a comfortable recliner, an adapted bathroom?

Is he reliant on benefits, or comfortably off. If the driving lessons are for his benefit, then can he make any contribution?